Saturday, July 11, 2015

This girl

This girl...who I laid down to bed for the last time as a 1 year old last night, is the sweetest kamikaze I've ever seen.
This girl...has recently developed a love for flips flops.  All shoes, really, and she loves shoes that are not hers, no matter if they belong to a boy or girl.  She also loves to check herself out in the mirror and show her daddy how beautiful she looks each morning.  Rummaging through purses is a favorite activity too.  Especially if she can unlock a cell phone or remove all the credit cards from a wallet.

This girl...says her pleases and thank yous; will assure her brothers it's ok if they fall and say, "Ok buddy;" and always ask "Happen?" if someone is upset.  But don't let those kind manners fool you. 

This girl...can share potty talk with the best of her brothers.  In the bathroom or after a bath she's the first to point at someone's backside and shout, "Bottom!" while running away laughing.  Yet, she reminds the boys "No potty talk!"  The icing on the cake is when she strips off her clothes and diaper and insists on using the bathroom.  Outside.  Standing up.  Holding herself as if she has man parts to hold while peeing.

This girl...loves to dance.  And she sings too.  I can actually recognize most of the tunes in her sweet voice: ABCs, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old MacDonald, Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang, Bingo, Twinkle Twinkle, Five Little Monkeys, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Row Row Row Your Boat, and even Shake It Off and Apple Bottom Jeans (shameful truth).  Those she can't quite master, she requests at bed time: "The Bible Song" (Jesus Loves Me) and "Nana's Garden" (In a Little Dutch Kindergarten).  But when I sing and dance she just says, "Crazy!"

This a heart breaker.  A Daddy's Girl 100%, but stuck to Mommy like velcro majority of the time, reaching up, saying, "Hold you."

This girl...naps great and goes to sleep easily, but staying asleep and sleeping-in is not part of her skill set.  No, this girl prefers to be up before the sun each day, making no rational sense about what she wants to eat or drink, what game she wants to play, what show she wants to watch, or whether or not she wants to be inside or outside even if it's only 20 degrees out.  The other morning was particularly fun when she decided it was time to party from 2:00-5:00am.

This girl...knows how to push my buttons until smoke is coming from my ears, and then switches gears so fast with a tilt of her head, purse of her lips, and squint in her eyes that I laugh out loud and want to eat her up in a matter of seconds. 

This a smarty pants.  She can count to 10, plays hide & seek and peekaboo, gives puzzles a good try, tends to her babies and pushes them in her strollers, enjoys reading books, and loves to color while sitting next to her brothers.  She also loves to "fly" on Mommy's feet and has recently gotten brave enough to jump off the edge of the pool.  To go underwater she says, "Go in tunnel!"  Her downward dog with one leg in the air is her fanciest trick and bouncing on the couch is her favorite hobby.

This fiercely independent.  She'll find a way to do what she wants: buckling the car seat buckle herself; helping herself to the pantry and leaving a trail of crumbs; finding the hidden iPad and opening up the Elmo game; taking off and exploring on her own.  So confident that she'll soak herself in the water fountain at her brothers' gymnastics class, subsequently taking off her wet dress, running around in her diaper and bloomers, and then getting into the stamp pads to adorn her mouth, arms, hands, and belly with blue ink.
This girl...can eat.  Actually, she'd prefer to snack all day or just take one bite of something and declare herself, "All done!"  Painting with her yogurt and hummus or filling her milk cup with anything solid is also a fun way to take care of the food on her plate.  She's not picky, she just wants what I'm having, when I'm having it.  She also loves her treats.  Chocolate, cookies, popsicles, you name it, she wants it.  The boys cant even say the "T" word until she's done eating or mealtime is a bust.

This girl...puts herself in time out.  She's a pincher, pusher, and biter.  She reminds herself "Be nice. Be kind. Good friend," but sometimes those aggressive urges get the best of her.  We're working on hugging instead.

This "my best girl!" Which she hears me tell her everyday.  She's loved and celebrated by her big brothers, with whom she keeps up with surprisingly well.  She's a talker, a stinker, a comedian, an inquisitor ("What, Mommy?" all the time), a love bug.
This girl...IS 2 TODAY! 
Where does the time go?!?! 
Happiest of birthdays, Katharine Ray!

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