Tuesday, July 29, 2014

For every blunder there's a save

Four months after our move in day we've finally started the painting process.  While we actually like most of the colors that already exist on the walls, we're ready to make the house feel like ours and change things up a bit.  We've started in the kitchen and after staring at 10+ color samples and making countless trips to Home Depot, we settled on a color (none of which was one of the samples on the wall, go figure), and got to work.   That means for the last two nights we've been up until 1-2am rolling, cutting in, and touching up (mind you Joe was at it all weekend doing prep work and my main job was just to keep the kids busy and out of his way).  It doesn't sound so bad, and in all honesty I'm in love with how the space is turning out.  But throw in a one year old who still wakes up twice a night and   I   am   tired   today.

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 So tired, in fact, that I showed up at the playground this morning for a play date and it's actually scheduled for tomorrow.  

So tired, that for the second week in a row I've forgotten that it's trash day, so the cans sit quite full in our driveway.  

So tired, that when pulling out of the grocery parking lot, I backed into my shopping cart that still had a watermelon sitting in it.  

My brain is mush and I  assume mommy brain is permanent.  BUT every now and then this mommy brain has a bright idea and things do indeed go better than planned...

Victory #1 - Last week my friends and I drove the kids to pick peaches and my usual go-to orchard wasn't open for peach picking that day.  But then plan B unfolded and we ended up 25 minutes further west at a charming, much more kid/stroller accessible farm, with loads of peaches, ice cream for all, and King Family Vineyard less than 5 minutes away.  And when one of my favorite vineyards is that close it can only mean one thing: picnic lunches, playtime for the kids, and wine time for the moms.  Perfect play date!

Victory #2 -  I've signed the boys up to play soccer in the fall.  They'll (hopefully) be on a team with two of their favorite buddies.  So to give them an idea of what soccer is all about I got tickets to one of our city's professional soccer team's games.  I know nothing about the game, but even I can follow it and enjoy it.  The boys weren't so sure at first, but four days have now passed and they're still talking about "those really fast guys" on the field and the cotton candy they enjoyed.  Saturday night success!

Victory #3 - So I made plans with one of my old running buddies to have lunch at our house on Monday.  He was bringing sandwiches and I assured him I'd have treats on hand.  We hung up the phone last week and I never wrote it on the calendar.  The calendar that I live and die by each day.  And so I forgot about it.  Instead I had our cooler packed and the kids and myself set for the pool that day.  That is until my phone rang with my friend on the other end making sure we were still on for the day.  "Yea that sounds great," I said!  Ooops.  Explaining to two 4 year olds that there's been a last minute change in plans isn't the most fun, but when I suddenly realized our sweet across-the-street neighbor offered for us to use her pool anytime, I had the genius notion to head over and get in a quick swim before our lunch date arrived.  Day saved!

I'd like to think that for every blunder there's a save.  So take that, mushy/mommy brain.

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