Thursday, July 10, 2014

Boyhood, personified

On this day last year the boys and I were playing with some of our favorite friends at their grandmother's pool.  The boys finally got comfortable using their floaties to help them swim in the deep end (my only way to manage both boys in the water...I don't care how much the local swim school shuns them), Cherie and I enjoyed talking, swimming, playing, and snacking.  I appreciated the weightlessness I felt in the water since  I was set to deliver Katharine in 5 days.  Cherie's mom insisted I wasn't going to make it that long.  She was right and the little lady made her appearance the very next morning.  But tomorrow we will honor Katharine and her happy, busy year.

Right now I'm going through pictures of the last year with which to fill her baby book (always a procrastinator!), and I'm reminded of how much her brothers have grown too.  There is no more baby look to their faces, but thankfully the sweet sing-song, expression-filled sound still exists in their voices; their shaggy dirty blond hair stays in its constant state of bed-head; and their imaginations have exploded.  They've made best buddies, chat amongst themselves and share jokes and made-up words, tell me to leave if I'm hovering too much, adored their year at pre-school, bravely tackle water slides, show no fear in their Jeeps, remember details that I overlook, request sleepovers with their grandparents, tell me funny stories, and are starting to demonstrate unique strengths and likes.  They're such little men.

Above all, they dote on their sister.  They cheer her on, notice her new skills and tricks, encourage her with new words, make sure she's safe, and are sure to remind me when she needs me.  They are so good with her and Katharine is one lucky gal.  In the early weeks of us adjusting as a family of 5, Gavin stated about Katharine's frequent crying, "Mommy, I don't think she likes us very much."  But my how far we've all come! 

In these pictures is boyhood, personified.  Long gone is their babyhood, and it happened so fast.
popsicle mustache, truck, skinned knees
photo credit to Aunt Dottie
run, jump, wild, free
photo credit to Aunt Dottie

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