Sunday, May 18, 2014

That moment...

That moment when my eyes are still crusted from sleep (because it's early and because pink eye has hit all three kids and me in the last week), Clifford is on TV, the cardboard castle just fell over on my sweet girl, and I notice magnetic clips have been clamped onto the light switches in the next room and there's a roll of scotch tape hanging from the fridge door.  Ok.  This is life right now:)

That moment when I walk into Victoria's Secret to buy a gift for my bachelorette friend and feel like a fish out of water even though years ago I was a regular customer at this store.  All I could think about as I looked at the pieces the mannequins modeled was how there was too much string and padding and not enough coverage and comfort.

That moment when I find myself in Target (always) on another Friday night wandering the aisles and mindlessly eating dark chocolate covered salted almonds while picking out some new Tupperware pieces.  Sooooo exciting, yet I love this down time.

That moment when I realize I've overdone it on the dark chocolate covered salted almonds.

That moment on a morning run when I can think of nothing else but "Here comes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail!  Hippity hoppity Easter's on its way!" thanks to the dancing, singing, hopping bunny my kids got for Easter.

That moment when I acknowledge a friend's compliment on my new bangs and then admit they're an act of desperation to cover the post baby new hair growth that's coming in gray.  GRAY.

That moment when I convince the boys to make cookies with me so we can deliver them to a friend who just moved to town, but really I just want to eat the dough.  A lot of it.

That moment at swimming lessons when it's MY kid kicking, screaming, and crying as he gets in the water with an unfamiliar group of kids and a new teacher to make up a missed class (dumb pink eye) and a mom says, "Whose kid is THAT?"  But even more maddening is when the said mom hears me snap in the parking lot because the boys never let up in bugging the $&%# out of each other and I'm spent.  She probably thinks I'm nuts because it's clear she's too perfect to have a screaming kid or to lose her patience.  That's what her glare to me says, anyway.  

That moment when I don't even argue when the boys request a hot dog and a granola bar for breakfast.  Or that they polished off an entire box of mac and cheese for SNACK.  1) We're going to need a farm in the near future to keep them full.  2) I need to get back on the bandwagon of serving green smoothies so they get something healthy in them each day.

That moment when one of my dearest childhood friends joins us for dinner one night and our kids run wild in the backyard and I think, "Who would've thought this 27 years ago when we met in 2nd grade."  Love that.

That moment when I empty my purse of diapers, spare pairs of little boys' underwear, a nursing cover, and teething toys and replace it all with a bottle of wine, corkscrew, make up, sunglasses, and flip flops for a day of touring a few breweries with girlfriends.  Did I just feel a little pre-kid sparkle return?  Oh my!

That moment when I hear myself saying, "Do not SWING your penis in your sister's face.  Or anyone's face.  Ever."

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