Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tee Time

My mom's mom golfs.  My mom's dad golfs.  My mom's brother golfs.  My mother-in-law golfs.  My father-in-law golfs.  My dad's dad golfed.  My dad's sister golfs.  My brother golfs.  And my dad golfs. 

I don't golf.  My brother actually told me once on the driving range that "I was so pathetic at golf that I wasn't worth helping."  Ok, so there's that.

But when this happened recently you can probably figure out that it was kind of a big deal.  For the whole family.  And even I got a little giddy.

The bags were great second-hand, like-new finds.  Before I could even finish what I was describing on the phone to my dad, he said, "Buy it!"  When I found the second set months later and it was an identical match to the first I didn't even have to call to seek Dad's approval.  I knew to just buy those too.

I've been on a golf course many times...to run, to sled, to spin donuts in the golf cart, to take the short cut to a friend's house.  I've been on a golf course to actually play golf twice.  One of those times I shot just under 100.  On a 9 hole, par 3 course.  My other time on the course I was "caddying" for my dad.  As in he let me ride along in the cart.  The cart that I almost tipped over as I swerved to miss a tree.  And I was such a good caddy that I wheeled his golf bag right onto the putting green on the 9th hole.  The hole in plain view of the clubhouse, where everyone was eating lunch outside on the deck and witnessed my faux pas.

Ok, so I don't understand or have the patience to understand the intricacies of golf, but I look forward to watching my dad and sons bond over this game that most players love to hate.  Their first lessons learned on this day...1) Golf is hard, but fun.  2) Practice takes patience.  3) Don't ever through a golf club.  4) Always clean your clubs when you're finished for the day.

My bet is that Grandpa is pouring himself a drink and taking the front row seat in heaven as this golf saga continues.  He's going to chuckle to watch his son teach his great grandsons the very game he taught my dad.  He's going to wish he was on the course with this crew as bad words are learned and said.  And hopefully he can impart some higher power wisdom from above and guide most balls to the green.

Play on, boys, and have fun.

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