Monday, April 7, 2014

Multi-tasking has its limits...
This is a 'guest-post,' if you will.  The first one on IN MY LIFE!  My friend sent me an email the other day and I immediately asked her if I could share it on here.  While she might have been feeling crazy, her scenario left me feeling totally normal.  Totally normal in that my brain can't remember squat anymore and that it only operates about half as well as it used to.  Sigh.

So the following story came from my friend Cory.  Cory is a rockstar mom, rockstar teacher, and rockstar wife. (Among many other rockstar roles)  No seriously.  She teaches 4th grade and we met while going through the National Board Certification process (a big, hard-earned honor in the teacher world).  She passed.  I did not.  It's ok, I got over it quickly.  She intimidated me at first, ALWAYS having her ducks in a row, ALWAYS having something worthwhile to contribute, ALWAYS being super organized and prepared, ALWAYS being purposeful in how and why she did things in her classroom.  As we got to know each other, though, I realized I could  learn a lot from her and we clicked as friends.  We stayed in touch after the whole National Board bit and then became moms at the same time.  For obvious reasons our 'new mom' titles brought us closer and we've stayed friends since.  Cory's husband is a commercial pilot, which sounds kind of glamorous, but it also leaves Cory to pull the majority of parenting and household responsibilities solo each week.  In full, honest disclosure: I don't know how she does it.  I guess it's a good thing she always has those ducks of hers in a row.


Not sure what came first, the chicken or the egg...

I don't know how the unfortunate set of events started, but I know I was roasting veggies for my dinner while baking chicken tenders for the kids, ( I said I wasn't going to make separate meals, yeah right), trying to pay bills online as I opened the mail, when I discovered Nadia (the dog) had peed on the wood floor and Cameron (the youngest son, age 18 months) was stuck between the couch and the wall... I yawned a few times and realized I hadn't taken my vitamins today.  I looked in my purse to discover my weekly pill case is empty, so I dashed upstairs to medicine cabinet.  
Thought: Refill vitamins and acne pills in this case.  
I had difficulty opening the bottle of little white pills I'm supposed to be taking to battle my acne (brought on by stress and hormones as an adult, which just adds more stress). 
Thought: This must be some new child-proof cap!  
I had only enough pills for 3 days, so I dashed back downstairs to call in a refill to the pharmacy.  As I dialed the number I realized that I was calling the animal clinic and holding the container to Nadia's pain pills from the time she was bitten by a spider and tried to chew her leg off.  Thank goodness I hadn't ingested any of today's dose yet.  They were still sitting by the kitchen sink.  Then I noticed the cute dog and cat on that child-proof cap.

Thought: If I had taken Nadia's pain pill, would I have just fallen asleep on kitchen floor with roasted veggies and chicken tenders smoldering in the oven?  Would Brody (the oldest son, age 4) have eventually pulled Cameron into bed with him as Mommy 'snoozed' on the floor in front of the fridge?          

Lessons learned:  Multi-tasking has its limits.  Pay bills after kids are in bed.  Refill vitamins after kids are in bed.  Keep pet medicine separate from people medicine.  Share knowledge with the girls.

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