Sunday, February 9, 2014

Quiet and Awesome and Boring

Today has been quiet and low key and a totally boring kind of awesome.  Here's my top 10 reasons why...

1) Despite being paged by the child care center at the gym twice on Friday and none of the running girls meeting on Saturday, I ended up getting in a great run on the dreadmill (yes, dread, but it wasn't so bad) to kick off the weekend.

2) Friday was family movie night at the boys' school and there is something to be said for reliving the magic of one of my childhood favorites through the eyes of my kids. 

3) The boys had a sleepover at Nana and Pops house, to which they counted down all week!  So, thanks to said sleepover and Hannah-the-rockstar-babysitter, Joe and I enjoyed a date night at one of our favorite restaurants.  Good company, good wine, and worthwhile food coma.

4) The good news in the latest getting-baby-girl-to-sleep-through-the-night saga is that we're into a pretty good routine and only up once a night.  The bad news is that our day starts at 5:30.  But today I crawled back into bed at 7:30 and slept for a glorious two hours.

5) Our lazy morning was capped off with good coffee and breakfast on the run as we ventured out to the new house.  Yes, new house.  Big things have been happening around here and the [packing] madness is about to begin.  Add to the awesomeness that an old friend has given us oodles of packing boxes and supplies!

6) After visiting said new house, we stopped by Lowe's to look at all things know fridges, cook tops, paint colors, washers and I said, a boring kind of awesome.  And maybe there was a little hop in my step because I find all of this quite exciting, despite being totally overwhelmed by the notion of decorating an entire house.  Help is welcome.

7) Lunch was Nutella and banana on an English muffin.  And I didn't have to cook for anyone else.  And no one fought me for the Nutella jar.  And I didn't even have to clean up little faces or a high chair or slimy dishes when all was said and done.  That awesome sleepover turned into an all day play date.

8) Nap time was long and quiet and rid of anxiety of when I might hear the stomp stomps of heavy feet, knowing that today I was not on borrowed time.  It was spent aimlessly on the computer catching up on emails and browsing my new favorite app, Houzz, for once again, all things domestic: a dining room chandelier, kitchen lighting options, the perfect curtains, and cork board ideas.

9) My chocolate craving was quickly fixed with a batch of brownies whipped up from scratch.  And licking the bowl was oh so good.

10) In looking ahead at the calendar this week, it's empty!  EMPTY!  Rejoice!  With the exception of bringing a new mommy friend dinner (which I have to cook for my family anyway), we have no obligations!  

Awesomely boring, indeed. 

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