Thursday, January 30, 2014

The countdown to 4 has begun...

This time four years ago I was sitting in a hospital room on the ante partum ward slowly counting down the days until Garrett and Gavin's planned arrival.  I was hooked up to monitors multiple times a day to check the boys' status and safety and took a shot each morning and night to help prevent blood clots since I spent most of my time in bed.  The earthquake in Haiti had just happened; lots of snow fell that year, school days were sporadic, many friends sympathetically said they could relate to my stir craziness....haha, they had no idea but meant well; and the 2010 Winter Olympics were in full swing. 

Among many things I did to pass the time, one was to make "countdown chains" for every two weeks of my hospital stay (small, attainable goals:)).  I made three chains during my six week stay and every seventh day was marked with a patterned paper ring, signifying the boys had stayed put for one more important week. 

I guess you could say things have come full circle because here we are four years later and I found myself the other day making these paper ring countdown chains once again.  But this time I had the boys to help me.  They have a great grasp of time, can tell me the days of the week, what yesterday was, and what tomorrow will be.  They constantly ask about the seasons ("Mommy, this is winter because there is snow outside?  And then comes spring?  And then we can eat watermelon and go to the beach?  And then it's summer?  My favorite is fall!") and we frequently talk about the months of the year.  They can tell you their birth date and know it's fast approaching, but in their minds it might as well be in three days.  Enter craft time.  They decorated the paper, helped me cut it into strips with the paper cutter, used the stapler, and selected stickers for decorating.  They've revisited their chains multiple times to make sure they are decorated just enough.  Minus finding stickers stuck all over the dining room, this has been the best [quiet] activity to hep curb our cabin fever AND each morning we have a little counting lesson to see how many more 'wake ups' until my babies are FOUR.  4?!?!?!?!?! 
Where     has     the     time     gone?  

They are so proud and can't wait to celebrate...with a trip to the monster truck show, no less!


And simply for good measure...these sweet gems from the week...

In between mastering how to get into and out of our snow gear in less than 30 minutes, I've dearly enjoyed our downtime in pjs with extra snuggles and cups of hot chocolate.

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