Friday, January 24, 2014

Snowpocalypse + Grocery Store + 3 Kids...

Today is Friday...

We're on snow day #4 around here even though the white stuff didn't actually start falling until Tuesday night.  Thankfully, our routine hasn't changed much since the boys' preschool never closed, but we have spent a lot more time at home, perfecting our system of getting into and out of all the snow gear, and coming up with ways to stay busy (enter fort building and laundry fights).  Not going to lie, though, I'm glad it's Friday: the weekend means I get a little reprieve.  It's 1:48pm and I just made a second cup of coffee, although, I'll be honest I was tempted to open a bottle of wine instead.  However, the moving company guy that will be here any minute would probably look at me a little cross.  After all, I'm about to take him through my house that's a wreck (remember, fort building and laundry fights!); my unshowered hair is disheveled; and I'm still in my pjs.  Whatever.  I bet he wasn't pooped on and spit up on twice before 6am today.  Let's just hope he gives me a reasonable moving quote. 


This happened on Tuesday when we actually were out of the house for a reason other than going to school...

Want to be a glutton for punishment?

Need an excuse to drive yourself to drink? (I'm telling you, wine before 5pm today, Friday!)

Take all three kids grocery shopping on the cusp of a snowpocalypse. 
It's now near the top of my list of things that DON'T mix.

At the mere mention of the words 'snow' and/or 'ice' and this town freaks out.  We come by in honestly...we don't get slammed with snow very often and not many of us really know how to drive in it safely anyway.  Poor school officials are damned if they do and damned if they don't when it comes to staying open or closing for the day.  The milk and bread aisles are wiped clean in no time and people start to hunker down for the worst.
Shame on me for putting off my usual grocery run because today I was met with the "gotta get milk and bread shoppers" as I was crossing off numerous items from my weekly list to restock our fridge and pantry.  It also meant navigating crowded aisles with a behemoth shopping cart designed to accommodate three kids.  With preschool closing a bit early and Katharine actually taking a long morning nap, I had to resort to making this trip a group outing.  While our Little Miss cried her way through the last 1/3 of the trip, I have to say that the boys were patient, pleasant rock stars!  

Minus the fact that I was sweating under my coat; 

minus my smiles through clenched teeth at the sweet, old ladies taking
F  O   R   E   V   E   R  to find their canned goods while their carts blocked the ENTIRE aisle for other shoppers; 

minus Garrett's little mishap of falling off the cart and biting his tongue; 

and minus Gavin's exclamation through the checkout line, "Mommy I need to go potty.  NOW!"...

our trip was a success and nothing that I know of (yet) was forgotten.  However, today's lesson: go shopping ALONE next time.  At all costs make it happen.  My nerves, patience, and gray hairs will thank me.

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