Tuesday, January 21, 2014

He's a catch!

Katharine is 6 months 2 weeks old.  This means I have not slept for more than 3 hours at a time in 6 months 2 weeks.  I     am     tired.  My eyes are sunken, my skin is dull, my hair is flat, my head usually hurts, and I'm lethargic.  I squeak each day out and keep the kids busy.  I trudge through a workout every now and then.  My brain is mush.  I want to take naps while driving.

On a good night she wakes every 3 hours.  She eats voraciously when she's up and then goes right back to sleep.  On a bad night she wakes every 45 minutes.  Sometimes she wants to eat.  Sometimes she wants to pacify......me......of course not a pacifier.  Sometimes she just wants to rock or snuggle.  Oh, I do try to cherish those moments, but sometimes it's more "go the $%*@ to sleep" instead of being lovey, dovey, roses and unicorns.  Add to this routine that usually once a night one of the boys calls out to find a stuffed animal or to reposition the covers or fix an annoying tag on pjs.  On most nights  Joe sleeps through all of this.  And once I crawl back into bed, he's in fact, in such a deep sleep that his usual moaning/snoring/weird sleeptime breathing kicks in.  So I press my face hard into the pillow to drown it all out and will myself back to sleep for at least an hour.

Katharine also happens to be an early riser.  A morning person, myself, you'd think I wouldn't mind, but Little Lady, 5:45am is too early to start the day after only sleeping in short bursts throughout the night.  Every morning I tell myself I should go to the gym since I'm up.  I used to be that early morning gym rat.  I have friends that are still there before sunrise and I'm sure they didn't sleep well either.  Great for them.  More power to them.  I just can't make it happen anymore.

So this morning started out like any other...5:30am babbling from the other room that escalated to crying.  I stumble in the room, soothe, rock, change a diaper, keep it dark, don't talk much, lay her back down, and hope for the best.  20 minutes later we're back at it again.  Then the boys stir.  Then I hear footsteps going downstairs.  That means the day has really started.  Then I find Joe at the door.  Boom, handoff!  "Please just keep her quiet." I say and I crawl back into bed.  Upon stumbling downstairs an hour later Joe offers to take the boys to school, so Katharine can finish her morning nap and I can function in a quiet house for a bit.


Oh man, he's a catch I tell you.  A smart one too.  Because who knows what would have left my mouth had he asked, "How was the night?"  And dare he say again that he can relate to how tired I am after he has ONE fitful night's sleep.

Sleep training here we come.  Ugh.

And, Joe, THANK YOU:)

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