Monday, January 27, 2014

And then there was light...

Dare I admit I saw light today... I saw light in the fact that for the first time in a long time my night wasn't miserably foggy or tired.  I can't say I slept much, but it was more than I've been used to lately!  I saw light in the fact that I felt present today and didn't want to snap someone's head off or crawl in a hole to sleep!  I saw light in the fact that it wasn't chill-you-to-the-bone-burn-your-skin cold (although tomorrow it's supposed to return to the 20s or lower), so we went outside for a walk and didn't have to adorn 3 layers and top off with hats and gloves!  Maybe it was just the sunshine, maybe my eyes were actually open enough to take everything in, but oh thank goodness for the good days (exhibit A, exhibit B).

Today I wrote this instead
to a few dear friends with whom I frequently share "venting" texts ...they are to remind me of the good next time $&#! hits the fan:

Certainly I'm about to jinx things, but sleep training for K is in full effect and last night went great!  This morning she woke up right as scheduled and then went down for her naps like clockwork withOUT needing to be nursed and only fussed for 7 minutes.  Just having a plan in place makes things so much better! (I desperately escaped to Panera yesterday and read a sleep book cover to cover.)  The boys are playing nicely and imaginatively upstairs and I just made some coffee while responding to a few emails...what?!?!?!  AND we had green smoothies for breakfast and a walk is in order once the roof inspection guy leaves.
6 months and this little lady finally MIGHT like a pacifier!
The rest of our week has a pretty full line up, so when things go awry (because they will) I can come back to today's successes.  

And maybe open some wine.  

Or pull out the jar of Nutella.

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