Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mission accomplished!

Thank you, Aunt Carol for doing all the work of recapping our trip to the mid-west.  I'm sure you're glad to be back to your 'regular programming' but I for one appreciate the grand hospitality, good food, fantastic photos, and memory write-ups.  So I can remember and for those that are interested, here's the run down of our trip...

Grandma turned 85 last month.  15 years ago she was visiting me at Virginia Tech for her 70th birthday.  There's a lot she gets confused from day to day, but what she does get right is the good stuff.  Like how to snuggle a baby.  How to say 'I love you' and 'I'll see you real soon' as she sends us off.  How to take delight in re-hashing memories from her house in Arkansas when my brother and I used to visit.  How to fill me in about her mom and dad and 8 other siblings.  And how to pose just right for the photos that Katharine will hopefully cherish forever.  I knew three of my great grandparents.  Katharine has now met all three of hers as well.  Mission accomplished!

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