Friday, November 15, 2013

A sweet moment indeed

The time I have to actually sit and compose my thoughts along with corresponding photos is nil these days.  If I could find a way to link my thoughts and to do lists to a computer as they formed in my head (usually while driving, running, or showering) this blog might actually get updated and the things I need to get done might actually be remembered.  But both are far off dreams and that's ok.  It's just where we are these days. 

Says the girl whose daughter is sitting in my lap as I type pulling my hair and half-eating my sweater.  Whose daughter, by the way, is now 4 months old, almost sitting on her own (sitting!?!?), drooling up a storm, and isn't sleeping so much on the go anymore.

We're in the Land of Oz, just Katharine and Pops and me, to meet Great Grams, my 85 year old grandmother whose health and mental accuity have seen better days.  The airplane rides out here were manageable with one screaming fit on the first leg and a passed out baby on the second.  The food has been wonderful (no seriously: baked pumpkin oatmeal, dinner at Houston's, maple pumpkin lattes, and huevos rancheros...and that's just so far).  And the house has been oddly quiet compared to our last visit and what I'm used to on a daily basis.  I can't say my easy-breezy baby has been so easy-breezy and the 45 minute screaming episode in the car last night wasn't pleasant for anyone, but overall she's been a real trooper.  And super cute too. 

But this, THIS is what we came out here for anyway.  Aunt Carol, our wonderful hostess, already got this post up on her blog, so I'm just borrowing her work for an update of my own:

It was indeed.

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