Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The good really does exist

Even on a rainy day my heart is feeling sunny...


Without question this little one makes anything brighter.  On Friday she'll be 3 months.  Dear Time, Please slow down.  I'm really doing the best I can to savor every sweet second.


Another reason for the good mood...The kids are still napping, which means I get a treat, so my across the street neighbor just met me in the middle of the road so I could add some pumpkin spice creamer to an afternoon cup of coffee.  This is just one of the reasons she rocks.


Wait, there's more...A chick fil a employee met me at my car today as I was unloading the kids with a huge golf umbrella and escorted us inside so none of us got wet.  Then another employee took me out of line and said he'd take my order at the table so I could watch the boys play and not have to hold Katharine in her carrier while waiting.  Then he caught my credit card as I literally threw it to him as I was chasing my barefoot boys to the restroom and lugging Baby Girl, trying not to hit chairs and other customers in our path.  When we returned to our table our food was waiting for us, complete with my requested condiments, napkins, and plastic ware.  Then another employee took our trash for us.  Really?!?!  Is their CEO a mom?  Every fast food joint should be so accommodating.  Moral and political opinions aside, I'm a fan of this place.


But the best of all...I was recently contacted by a mom in need who's currently living in a shelter with her little ones.  With the stroke of a few keys to create an email asking for help to an organization of fellow multiples mommies I delivered and will be delivering again all things baby in just a couple days.  People are generous and kind.


And for good measure...sibling play time.


The good really does exist.  I've seen it in both big and small ways in just 24 hours.

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  1. Krissy, it is the memories of days like this that help us through the "temper tantrum, food throwing, crying for no reason" days. Enjoy!


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