Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Baby Girl and I had no plans today while the boys went to preschool this morning.  But then something happened...

Before becoming a mom I always wondered what stay at home moms did all day.  Now I am one and I still don't know what I did five minutes ago.  Some people think I play all day.  Some people think I watch soaps and eat bon bons all day.  My husband knows I TRY to get a few chores done each day.  Some working moms have said to me how nice it is to run errands and shop when I want to.  Ha!  Errand running and shopping aren't very enjoyable with three kids in tow.  But to everyone's defense, no one knows anyone elses circumstances until they've walked in those very shoes, so individuals will probably continue to think what they will about what stay at home moms really do all day.  

So that something that happened falls right in line with what some people think I might do all day.  I   went   shopping.  I'm not even a huge shopper!  But tops for fall were beckoning me and they were all great deals.  Baby Girl slept and we'd already been to the grocery store.  Maybe I should have gone home and folded laundry, cleaned up the playroom, prepped for tonight's meeting, and started dinner, but instead I lost track of time browsing and trying on clothes (what?!?!).  Come 11:30 I raced to the car and as calmly as any mom on too much coffee and not enough breakfast can, drove to pick up the boys from preschool, only to realize my gas light was practically screaming at me that I had ZERO miles to empty.  Ah, shame on me for unnecessarily spending money and now running late!!!  Yes, the boys were the last to be picked up (tsk tsk) but in my defense I was still within the five minute pick up window...whew!  And I do really like my new finds, which means my next chore is purging the old to make room for the new.
image from www.shop-a-holic.org
On the drive home in between asking the boys about their day, my shopping guilt was really eating at me.  Seriously?!?!  But then within minutes of walking in the door, Garrett was crying because he'd mashed his fingers in the bathroom door.  Gavin was stealing a toy from his brother (even though there's two of the same damn thing).  Katharine woke up to be fed.  While doing diaper duty I hear an "uh oh" from outside where the boys are eating lunch.  I return to the deck to find corn everywhere.  Just as I sit to nurse our littlest, both boys announce they have to poop...  Are you catching my drift?  This is how the rest of my day will look and that's when I let my guilt go out the window.  Those 2 hours of complete un-rushed quiet time to actually spend on me was
p   r   i   c   e   l   e   s   s.  

Joe once wisely told me that if cheap retail therapy kept me sane it was fine by him because it was less expensive than a babysitter! But no worries, babe, shopping while the boys are in school will not become a new habit...

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