Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Preschool Newbies

We made it out the door smoothly, hair combed, new shoes on, bags packed, and on time to their new preschool.  That bold and italicized word should jump off the page just so it's on record that it actually happened at least once for this family.

They'll be with their teacher and 5 other classmates twice a week for three hours.  They're in the same class.  They are so ready for this.

Yesterday I texted my friend that I had the most annoying boys on the planet (ugh, the competition, the fighting!).  And then today while driving home after school drop off I noticed the huge dump trucks, pavers, rollers, and police cars doing work on the road and immediately thought how much the boys would like to watch the action.  But my car was quiet (thank you, sleeping baby).  No fighting.  No demands for songs.  No kicks on the seat.  

Damn, it really does go by so fast.  Preschool today, college tomorrow.  See, there really was a good reason for that lump in my throat this morning as I turned back to see them watching me walk away down the hallway...the one picture that's in my mind and not on my camera.  Their sweet big boy faces knowing they'll have a great time in their new class, but also that unsureness of what school is all about.  I can't wait to hear the stories today over our pizza lunch and playground date.

And me, I just caught up on a little blogging, finished a phone conversation, enjoyed some peace and quiet and coffee, got dinner started, and iced the cake for girls' night tonight.  Preschool is going to rock.


  1. Krissy,
    I hope you and the boys and your new baby girl will all love this chapter in your lives!
    Miss you,


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