Thursday, August 29, 2013

Seeing the light...

7 weeks

I spy a glimmer of light up ahead.  I don't want to quite count my eggs before they hatch, but dare I say a small sense of normalcy is returning to our household?  I'm not going to let mine and Gavin's war with words episode, or that I was twice cleaning up human waste matter off the bathroom floor, overshadow the fact that yesterday I...

...made it to Target with all three kids in tow AND quickly figured out how to print pictures from my phone at the photo lab while Katharine slept in my arms and the boys built towers with our grocery goods in the cart.  Never mind that our trip started out with two carts and one was quickly abandoned in the toilet paper aisle when the littlest unleashed her loudest, most persistent cry.  We survived, no one got angry, and I didn't even sweat. 

...let the boys play at Barnes and Noble while we were out.

...watched Garrett willingly clean up the entire play room.

...had all three babes napping at the same time.

...and got the first meal I've cooked in 7 weeks on the table in time for dinner.

I also actually have the desire to hit the gym again (if I can just figure out when). And Little Lady seems to be getting her days and nights sorted out.  I was also most appreciative that the door to door salesman walked right by our house yesterday, not forcing me to make up some excuse why I couldn't talk to him at the moment.  Maybe it was the fact that Garrett was stark naked on the porch and I was trying to dress him in his outfit of choice for the afternoon.

Who knew such minor tasks could feel like such big accomplishments?  We'll go with it for today.

Proud and happy big bros

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