Thursday, August 29, 2013

Seeing the light...

7 weeks

I spy a glimmer of light up ahead.  I don't want to quite count my eggs before they hatch, but dare I say a small sense of normalcy is returning to our household?  I'm not going to let mine and Gavin's war with words episode, or that I was twice cleaning up human waste matter off the bathroom floor, overshadow the fact that yesterday I...

...made it to Target with all three kids in tow AND quickly figured out how to print pictures from my phone at the photo lab while Katharine slept in my arms and the boys built towers with our grocery goods in the cart.  Never mind that our trip started out with two carts and one was quickly abandoned in the toilet paper aisle when the littlest unleashed her loudest, most persistent cry.  We survived, no one got angry, and I didn't even sweat. 

...let the boys play at Barnes and Noble while we were out.

...watched Garrett willingly clean up the entire play room.

...had all three babes napping at the same time.

...and got the first meal I've cooked in 7 weeks on the table in time for dinner.

I also actually have the desire to hit the gym again (if I can just figure out when). And Little Lady seems to be getting her days and nights sorted out.  I was also most appreciative that the door to door salesman walked right by our house yesterday, not forcing me to make up some excuse why I couldn't talk to him at the moment.  Maybe it was the fact that Garrett was stark naked on the porch and I was trying to dress him in his outfit of choice for the afternoon.

Who knew such minor tasks could feel like such big accomplishments?  We'll go with it for today.

Proud and happy big bros

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Auto-Adjust Mode

Oh hello my 6 week old...where does the time go?!?!
Pretty girl!

So serious.

Love those edible toes!

Changes continue these past few weeks and we're adjusting accordingly. 

I'm adjusting to slowing down and realizing the lack of an agenda is actually a good thing.  But also am adjusting to racing through tasks so I can actually get a few things done on borrowed time. 

I'm adjusting to the fact that you might see my boys playing outside in their underwear at any given time of the day.  Sometimes I just can't meet their needs fast enough...

I'm adjusting to getting a lot done with one arm and have gotten used to the permanent cramp in the other because Little Lady doesn't like to be put down.  As a result, I'm mastering the Ergo and Moby baby carriers.  
Yes, I really look that tired.  Eeek.
I'm adjusting (although not gracefully) to working through screaming fits from any of my three kids at a time.  These, of course, mainly happen when a meal needs to get on the table or we need to get going in the car.

I'm adjusting to the boys' latest milestone: COMPETITION.  Everything is a race or someone always has to be in front!  It's nothing short of maddening because inevitably a fight ensues.  However, with twin boys I'm pretty sure this phase isn't going away anytime soon.  If you missed my Facebook status the other day it read, "The boys are fighting over who is looking at who..."  Next their going to tell me "He's breathing my air!" You get the picture.

Cue the song "Anything you can do I can do better...!"

I'm adjusting to selectively listening to my husband's daily run down because hearing statements like, "I slept like a rock last night.  Were you up a lot?"  and "I ran out at lunch today and got my hair cut and a few errands done."  and "Oh I had a great work review today and we had an awesome steak lunch at Hondos." can make this somewhat-trapped-at-home-missing-her-downtime-and-her-freedom mama a little jealous.  But in Joe's defense, he's nothing short of a super hero dad that swoops in each evening and helps out 300% AND he's the one who PUSHED me out the door last week to wine club dinner, full well knowing a meltdown was on the horizon by our bottle-refusing infant.
Daddy's girl.
I'm adjusting to not getting too confident when things are going well.  Thank just jinxes a good day and someone is bound to throw a fit within seconds of me having such a thought.  Like the other morning when the boys were playing so nicely while I fed their sister...because then I walked into the playroom to find the adjoining bathroom flooded, where the boys were dumping water from the sink and toilet onto the floor.  Oh and the leak that spread to the basement???  That was real fun to clean up too.  And recently, when I was able to leave the boys with a friend and her son for a quick doctors appointment...yea, well that lead to my anxiety and exhaustion getting the best of me as I was sweating in the waiting room for my post partum check up, covered in breast milk, trying to feed a discontent and thrashing baby through tears that wouldn't stop coming.  I really tried to assure the doctor things have been good despite my red, puffy eyes because they have been! But we all have our moments...good and bad. 

I'm adjusting to this growing peanut, who's not going to stay little for long!  Up 2lbs in two weeks at her last check up, we've seemed to get some feeding issues under control.  So long size 'newborn!'  Of course she still sleeps A LOT during the day despite my efforts to stir her awake, and the predictability of our nights vary, but they're do-able.  Ready to play for 1-2 hours after she's done with her middle of the night feeding, she's bound to get her internal clock straight soon enough.  Yes, just let me believe she will.

And I'm also adjusting to the boys and I being hot and cold with each other lately...sometimes blissfully playing, listening, and cooperating; other times yelling, screaming, arguing, and throwing a fit.  Recently we enjoyed breakfast together and I got two 'thank yous!' when I served their cereal.  I also got a 'You look pretty, Mommy!' from Garrett, so yea, my month has been made.  Yesterday's trip to our old stand by - the children's museum - and today's jaunt to the outdoor mall's water fountains were both successes, where they could burn off energy and I could peacefully feed their sister.  There's a trend here...when baby is calm, mama is calm.  I guess I'm adjusting to relinquishing control too.

But anytime I get a "That was a lot of fun!" from the backseat on the way home, I know I've done ONE thing right for the day.
Birthday party fun for some fellow twin friends:)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Note:  Not complaining, just stating the facts:)

Life with a newborn looks a little something like this...
I'll be honest...if this sweet baby isn't sleeping or eating, she's fussy. 
Twist my arm if this is what it takes to keep us all calm and happy.
It's having a disaster of a playroom and a couch covered in unfolded laundry and the lack of energy to even cook oatmeal for breakfast, so in the car we all go to Chick Fil A.  Playtime for the boys, a nursing session for Little Lady, coffee for me, and breakfast for all.  Oh wait, Garrett has to pee and Gavin is ready to eat five minutes after we arrive and I have a baby on the boob.  Ok, I got this.  Thank you, kind employee who brought us our food, delivered condiments, retrieved napkins, and checked on us frequently.  Sorry to anyone in the restaurant who might have seen said boob...nursing, walking, pottying, ordering, and eating all at once gets tricky.

It's having an awesome husband who understands that it takes 100 x as long to get anything done anymore and that folding the laundry that I never managed to get to for two days was the nicest thing to wake up to all week.  Thank you thank you thank you.

It's appreciating the dirt pile on the side of the house for the hours of entertainment its provided for the boys lately, which has allowed me to nurse somewhat peacefully every morning and afternoon.  The baths that are required afterward don't even seem like that much of a hassle.
Never gets old.
It's showing off my sweet girl to the 5 1/2 year old sitting behind me at a restaurant recently, who excitedly tells me that she's lost five teeth and in just a couple weeks she'll be a big sister to a baby brother!  And it's feeling totally ok and finding humor in her honesty when she says, "I see your belly is still stretched out a little from your baby!"

It's that 'mom of the year' moment when I'm at previously mentioned restaurant and realize my baby needs a diaper change and I don't have a single one in my purse or diaper bag or car.  Oops.

It's relishing in the rare occurrence of all three kids napping at the same time.

It's picking my jaw off the floor when Gavin ASKS to run an errand with me instead of staying with Daddy.  It's watching him make himself at home and play NICELY with the little boy whose house we're quickly visiting to pick up a few things I bought from an online yardsale group.  And it's seizing the moment and pulling over on the side of the road when he spots 'a RAINBOW!'

P.S. Guess who's the latest potty training champ?  This kid!!!  Alleluia!
It's realizing that attending a baby shower, a gymnastics team reunion, and spending 5 hours at the pool are a bit much to do in a weekend with a two week old.  While all fun and enjoyable, it took me two full days of not leaving the house to recover.  And during those two recovery days I stayed in my pjs all day and didn't care of visitors stopped by and saw me in my frumpy glory.

It's answering the boys' latest favorite question: "How did Katharine get in your tummy?"

It's having two kids in the tub, one baby on the boob (again.  always.), and a friend on the phone, when all of a sudden the nursing baby has a diaper explosion and the bathing boys decide at the same moment that bath time is over and climb themselves out of the tub.  It's quickly hanging up the phone, wrapping up boys in towels with one hand, holding messy baby steady while she keeps eating, getting everyone into the other room, and reading books so I can gradually get things under control...

It's perfecting the art of wearing a baby (thank you, Ergo carrier) so she'll stop crying and I can keep up with the boys.  It's also so I can eat dinner, careful not to drop anything on her head.  I'm dining, of course, on the picnic table of the boys' play set.  While they hang upside down from the trapeze bar. 

It's being ok with sleep deprivation (even if my eyeballs hurt some days) and letting the sweet moments outweigh the frustrating ones this go round...1) There's only one baby to handle this time.  2) I know I won't remember this, nor will it be like this forever.  3)  It's my last time to enjoy newborn-ness.
3 weeks!
One proud mama:)
4 generations...pretty priceless.
I just can't help it.

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