Monday, July 1, 2013

Closer to the beginning...

2 weeks to go and this pregnancy is done (Unless, of course, She decides to arrive early, but if she's got any of me in her she already knows five minutes late is considered 'on time').  Last time for a big ol' basketball belly.  Last time people comment on my popped-out bulls-eye belly button.  Last time for the regular stop-me-in-my-tracks shooting pains in my groin where Baby Girl must be doing handstands or throwing punches.  Last time for a very wiggly belly not in part to out of shape ab muscles.  Last couple weeks as a crew of four, which was recently captured by my talented friend Renae.  Love, love, love these!

But instead of focusing on the end (which most people assume "I'm so ready for!" when actually I've loved these past 37 weeks), we're getting ready for the beginning.  Last week I dreamed my water broke.  Pressure in my lower belly is increasing.  I'm hot all the time.  I lose my breath just walking upstairs or trying to carry on a conversation.  One moment I can't wait to snuggle a baby or tend to her while playing with the boys, and the next moment I'm wondering, "Oh $H#@, how is this going to all work?"  Her room is ready, crib is made, diapers are stocked, and her bag is packed (and by default she's already an over packer). 
Letters made by yours truly.  Precisely and tediously hung by Joe.
At 37 weeks hunger and tiredness have returned with vengeance; minor swelling is a little uncomfortable at night; counting baby movements is a regular part of my day; and a nesting surge has taken over.  Intense nesting: arranging plans for the boys, creating many many lists, freezing meals (and revisiting Dream Dinners!), tending to last minute projects, and making last ditch effort appointments (duh, for the important stuff like a hair cut and pedicure!) before we hunker down for a bit.

It was quite fitting to run into one of my bed rest nurses at the gym this morning.  Last time I saw her she came in during her regular night shift to monitor the boys' heartbeats and today she got to meet them in person.  Even better was the was music to my ears today when the doc said, "Congratulations, you're full term!"  It's a stark contrast to what she said to me at EVERY visit when pregnant with the boys: "Just stay pregnant!"  

I'm not sure where the time has gone, but July has arrived.  And July means baby month:)

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  1. Krissy, these photos are gorgeous! Congrats on your new little beauty! Can't wait to meet her!

    Debbie Halloway


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