Sunday, June 23, 2013

OBX 2013...another one for the books!

By Tuesday of last year's family vacay the boys had hit their stride and were pretty comfortable in our home away from home for the week.  By Thursday of that week I think all of us adults finally had a groove down.  Go figure that two days later we all had to head our separate ways.

This year, though...this year we ALL hit our stride on day 1!!!  And it    was    awesome.  4 adults, 4 three year olds, and two buns in the oven. Gorgeous, sunny, humid-free days.  Lazy nights.  Loud mealtimes with good food.  A few surround sound crying sessions.  And lots of sand shoveling, pool jumps, and swing time at the playground. 
All 8 of us, soon to be a crew of 10 by the end of August!

We traveled to Corolla, NC with the Patterson family, who I've mentioned before because our get-to-know-each-other story is pretty ironic: When I was around 17 weeks pregnant with the boys Joe and I ventured into a baby furniture store and wandered aimlessly trying to figure out what we needed.  Joe, totally overwhelmed, made eye contact with another dad-to-be sitting in a recliner and exchanged "What the hell are we doing" looks.  Joe said, "We're having two."  Mike said, "Us too!  Twin boys."  Joe said, "Same here!"  And then Bethany and I started chatting and among many other similarities, we learned we were due within two days of each other.  Both twin scenarios the surprises of a lifetime for each of us.  Our conversation lasted about 30 minutes and then we went our separate ways.  Fast forward to March of the following year and her boys were admitted to the NICU a few weeks after ours arrived.  We got reacquainted, journeyed the boys' hospital stay together, were discharged on the same day, and have been friends ever since.  Our lives are quite parallel, our attitudes are similar, our highs/lows and frustrations/victories usually mirror one another.  And these days we're once again traveling down the pregnancy road at the same time, both with girls on the way!  So who better to travel with than friends in the exact same boat as us?!?!  It was a win win for all involved.

So maybe Saturday started off a little slow after Joe realized he forgot to pack shoes, which required a stop at the outlets on the way.  Oh darn.  I happened to see some shoes I 'needed' too:)  Once we arrived at our beach house, unpacking was quickly completed, rooms were claimed, and then...I locked everyone out.  After sending the guys off to the playground with the kiddos, the two pregger mamas hopped on bikes (I know, tsk tsk says and rode to the rental office a couple miles away to get a spare key.  Disaster avoided:)

Sunday was our only chilly day in the sand, but we stayed happy playing outside, dipping our toes in the hot tub, and walking across the street for a Memorial Day music festival where the boys danced, climbed trees, and chased the daddies.

Monday started off with a game of Memory and cartoons in the bed.  Cups of coffee were enjoyed on the deck, and we looked like pack mules heading to the beach!  At nap time I headed to Nags Head to see my friend and her new baby.  And maybe I grabbed a vanilla malt for lunch on the way.
Why is it that I look more tired than the new mom?!?!

Tuesday we ordered lunch by the pool (crab cakes - yum!) and by that evening had started a routine of returning to the beach each evening to let the boys climb the dunes (named "Polar Bear Mountain" by Connor), chase waves in clean clothes, and make silly shadows.

Wednesday began with maple bacon donuts...thank you, Mike:)  We explored the lighthouse nearby, still had time for the beach and pool, threw together a delicious seafood boil for dinner, had a grand bed-jumping session before bedtime, and topped off the day with a chick flick on the couch.

Thursday and Friday were much of the same laid back bliss with the added perk of some solo time on the beach.  Overall there was more splash time, long naps, ice cream sandwiches, afternoon cocktails for the dads, pizza for dinner, dance party and pillow fights before bed, and finally accepting the reality that all good things must come to an end.  


It was unanimous that we'd all travel together again, which tells me the week was an absolute success!

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