Thursday, June 13, 2013

Birthday Week Wrap Up!

Yesterday we had mac and cheese for breakfast, someone's kid (not mine) pooped in the pool and cut our outing short, the boys were back in their pjs from the night before by 1:00pm, and by 6:30 that evening they were stripped down to shorts only and running through the sprinkler after they'd gotten sweaty by helping Joe mow the lawn.  That sprinkler fun also counted as a bath for the second time this week.  Welcome, summer!

Summer also kicks off with my birthday.  This year it's the big 3-3.  I just read last year's post and call me boring, but so far this year's big day sounds a lot like last year's big day.  I guess I like what I like:)  It started off with coffee in bed and the boys sleeping until 7am!  Then, instead of calling for me, they let themselves out of their room and joined us in our big bed, where we watched the Today Show (because yes, I love hearing the announcer say, "This is today, Thursday, June 13, 2013.") and played under the covers.  Pancakes were made for breakfast; we paid a visit to the gym, where the check-in computer played "Happy Birthday" and a few men looked at me cross, probably wondering if this big belly should still be at the gym; and lunch and ice cream were enjoyed with Dan.  Tonight it's dinner out with Nana babysitting and tomorrow we'll enjoy an evening at my in-laws...homemade paella by Karin and homemade cheesecake by Dad.  Yum!

We're down to one month and two days until Baby Girl is set to arrive and I can finally say that lately I've really been FEELING pregnant.  My regular gym visits are harder and harder, naps have returned, I swear I can feel my belly stretching, I'm certain I'm walking slower, and getting off the couch is a quite a feat.  How fortunate I've been to feel so good for so long, though! 

Over the weekend I got to spend time with the running girls to celebrate the newest Mrs. among us!  With only one other short trip on the agenda, I relished in my time away (and quiet hotel room, comfy bed, and Sunday's late wake up time).

When I got home I took the boys to their "Big Brother" class at the hospital, where they got to visit the newborn nursery, push the buttons on a hospital bed, swaddle a doll, change a diaper, and hear about how mommies get cranky on little sleep (which they know already anyway:)).  It was a cute class and time well spent.  
Gavin: not so sure.

Garrett: I got this.

Monday we met up with some twin buddies and the kids played hard all morning in and out of bounce houses at Kangaroo Jac's.  Dare I say the moms enjoyed some uninterrupted convo?

The next day we ventured up I-95 with my mom to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa for a day at the pool and also got to see my mom's sister, who was in town from TX.  The day was capped off with a visit to my friend Amy's NEW PLACE for dinner and chit chat time while the boys were easily entertained with Amy's dog Millie, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and puzzles (because Amy is ALWAYS prepared!).  It made for a late night home, but well worth the trip!

The best part is that the next few days are just as full of plans, friends, food, and more good times.  I can't deny I'm one lucky lady:)

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