Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tiny Dancer

28 weeks (2 weeks ago); disregard dirty spots on mirror:)
Baby Girl,

You never. stop. moving.  Soccer goals?  Ballet kicks?  Back handsprings?  Volleyball spikes?  Boxing practice?  I'm not sure what's going on in there, but no doubt you'll be a mover and a shaker and ready to keep up with your brothers!

I've loved being pregnant (currently 30 weeks).  Even though my own reflection surprises me in the mirror and discovering cellulite behind my legs isn't fun and shopping for big booby bras (sorry Grandpa and Dad) isn't on my list of enjoyable things to do, I've loved growing you.  Of course there's been worry because that's natural, but more importantly there's been belly rubs, lots of good food, having fun with maternity clothes, not stressing over baby gear, browsing the aisles at Target to find items to fit in your room, gym time, easy-breezy doctor visits, comments from your brothers, LOTS of pokes and kicks, and a more level-headed-roll-with-it attitude.  Yes, I'm up multiple times a night to adjust and readjust pillows and visit the loo; yes, the back pain is killer; yes, the shortness of breath always catches me off guard.  But the's growing:)  I'd like to admit that the newborn days are a fog, but they're not.  They're actually etched into my brain so well and stir up such anxiety that I just have to remember that everyone else figures out a groove and so will I.  And thank goodness for willing and helping hands nearby.  

Preparations have started on your room and uncharted pregnancy territory is around the corner since I've never been pregnant longer than 32 weeks.  Climbing temps are giving me a glimpse that this summer's heat might give me a run for my money, and moving/arranging furniture and reorganizing various rooms in our house proved to push me a little over the edge, as you've reminded me of your presence with a few painful contractions.  Thankfully your daddy and Nana and Pops are awesome and had dinner ready, a heating pad handy, and a perfect spot on the couch where I could prop up my feet for a bit the other night.  Guess it's time to pull the pregnancy card a little more often:)  Your brothers have already made it clear that they will not help with dirty diapers, but I am guessing that once they meet you they'll shower you with kisses and introduce you to their favorite stuffed animals.  But prepare yourself for monster trucks, drills, cement mixers, jeeps, and super heroes too.

So far you've been easy, a real delight.  My list of plans for us is getting longer and the time until we meet is getting shorter.  While I don't want to wish this precious (and last) time of just you and me away, I can't wait to meet my little girl.  Mothers Day is today and it fills me up inside to soon take on title: Mom of THREE.

Keep moving and shaking....your feistiness will prove helpful in wrangling your two big brothers.  After all, we both know who will be in charge around here anyway:)

Love you, 



  1. Happy Mother's day!! Sooooo excited for you!!!

  2. I am pretty sure your baby girl will have the 3 boys in your house (+ Pops) eating out of her hand by the time she is 1 month old.


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