Thursday, May 2, 2013

Text Talk

I just finished a pint of Ben & Jerry's; it only took me three sittings; and maybe in one of those sittings all I could find was a kiddie spoon.  It's all my dad's fault.  He brought it over.  I can't stay away from the homemade lemon pound cake either and the m&m's that are Garrett's potty training reward have dwindled at an alarming rate.  Guilty as charged and the gym is calling my name.

Teddy (THE Teddy that the boys eat, sleep, and breathe for these days) is missing.

I've recently discovered a patch (not just a few strands) of gray hair.  I always said I'd just roll with it when the time came, but I thought I'd be closer to 40, not 33, when it appeared.  Not sure what to do about this situation because I barely get my hair cut on a regular basis, let alone keep up with coloring it.  Damn.

And Joe just packed up his cowboy boots (who knew?!?!) and flew to Austin, TX for a guy's trip.  7 dads in TX for Cinco de Mayo weekend.  Not quite Vegas, but a sure good time nonetheless.  The first thing Joe said to me when I told him we were pregnant again was, "I guess I better get a guy's trip on the calendar."  A couple years ago when he found out we were expecting twins he said, "I guess I better buy a bigger truck."  Now you see how his mind works:)  Anyway, off he goes for some well deserved time away.


Have you seen this: Dear Mom on the iPhone

But even better, have you seen this response: In Defense of the iPhone Mom

I love both.  And more power to those that can keep all the balls in the air.  I, however, am not one of those people.  And in between the musings of everyday life I do indeed pick up my [ancient, non-Apple device] phone and send a slew of messages to my non-judging mommy friends.  I also pick up my iPad to quickly capture photos and videos that get sent to relatives far away.  Because let's face it, sharing keeps us connected.  It also keeps me sane, grounded, and normal feeling when others respond with similar scenarios.  Especially when a few of my latest messages read like this:

"I'm totally using this baby bump to justify my 'need' for french fries right now."

"A pregnant woman should not be looking at the Victoria's Secret catalog!"

"For the record, Ben & Jerry just won again and I haven't even made dinner.  I even hid snuck upstairs to enjoy it." (Um, this was round 2 with the same pint mentioned above...)

"FYI, when your husband cleans up poopy underwear upon waking up at 6:30am (bless him) make sure the glob of said $#@! has been flushed down the toilet and not left in the dirty undies before throwing them in the washing machine.  Um yea..."


Anyway, ahead of us is a long weekend of mommy/son time interspersed with some time for me in the classroom and dinner out with the running girls, a breakfast play date with buddies, and a fundraiser walk near and dear to our hearts.

Happy Thursday and feel free to text me with anything you too need to admit get off of your chest:)

Last Saturday's play date.  I can't even express how much I love this pic:)  Buddy bliss.

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