Thursday, May 23, 2013

See Mommy Go

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Remember the Dick and Jane books?  See Dick.  See Jane.  See Dick go.  See Jane go.  See Spot.  Run, Spot, run!  You get the idea.  My version goes a little like this...

See Mommy.  Mommy is energized and refreshed after the gym.  Hear Mommy convince children to run an errand and get a hair cut.  See Mommy drive to bank.  Hear Mommy talk to banker and close out old account.  Hear banker marvel over boys.  Hear Mommy ask Garrett if he needs to potty.  Hear Garrett say, "No."  See Mommy and boys leave bank.  See Mommy about to pull out of parking lot.  Hear Garrett say, "I need to go potty.  Poo poo."  See Mommy's private thought bubble say, "Really?!?!"  See Mommy quickly set up portable potty IN THE VAN.  Smell Garrett stink up van.  See Mommy pull up to dumpster and dispose of bag.  Classy Mommy.  

See Mommy park van near Hair Cuttery.  See boys sit in haircut chairs.  See Mommy give boys two lollipops each to keep boys happy.  Smart Mommy.  Handsome boys.  

See Mommy check watch and realize it's lunchtime.  See Mommy shuffle boys to Martin's and load them in separate shopping carts.  See Mommy push and pull carts through salad bar line.  See 100 other people in the same line.  Hear Mommy stay very calm while asking (over and over) what boys would like to eat.  See Mommy let other (100) people go in front of us.  See Mommy pay for groceries and say, "Yes, their twins."  Mommy has to say that a lot.  See Mommy walk with a grocery bag in each hand and see boys each hold a pinky finger.  See Gavin fall.  See car quickly approaching.  Hear Gavin screaming.  See blood on Gavin's elbow.  See Mommy pick up Gavin in one arm, hold both grocery bags in other hand, and hear her tell Garrett to hold any finger he can.  See Mommy and boys shuffle back to car.  See Gavin start to slide down Mommy's side.  Hear Gavin scream louder.  See van doors open.  See boys climb inside.  See Mommy buckle up boys, clean Gavin's boo boo, wipe away tears, and cut salad bar fruit, and hand out sandwiches.  See boys eat lunch in backseat.  Hear boys say, "Mmmmmm!"  See Mommy drive home.  

See boys climb into bed for naps.  See Mommy go downstairs and sit on couch.  Hear Mommy take deep breath.  See Mommy start to eat her lunch.  Hear Mommy's phone ring.  See furniture delivery truck arrive.  Hear Mommy take another deep breath...

Mommy is not so energized and refreshed anymore.  Mommy is tired, but see Mommy go.  Mommy rocks.

P.S. Thank you to the man who, a few days later watched as I loaded the boys into the car, reasoned with them, handed them lunch, started a movie (because all hail holy nap time that needed to happen at home and not in the car), and load the stroller, and said, "Moms like you deserve a big reward.  I admire you!"  Make.  myday.  week.  month.  year.

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