Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mama's Day

This year's Mother's Day was one for the books....simple, low key, nothing fancy or expensive, good behavior, and a perfect balance of together time and alone time.  I'm recording the fact that the boys were fabulous so the next time I want to put them up for sale I can remember this.

My first Mother's Day I was just starting to get my head above water again.  The boys had been home from the NICU for just over a month, and even though the exhaustive nights were nowhere near their end, the fog had slightly, slightly started to lift.  We all had brunch together and that's about all I remember.  That and the fact that I look pretty tired and my hair is ugly-flat in most of the pictures.

As I try to recount my second Mother's Day I have to be honest that I don't have a clue what we did to celebrate.  I did find this cute picture, though, which was taken around that time of year.  Love to wake up to those faces!

Ah, as I looked through pictures I stumbled upon this....Mother's Day Brunch at my in-laws' country club , perhaps?  Love how both boys are without pants....hhhmmmm.

Last year's Mother's Day, was full of sweet treats but it was also exhausting.  We had everyone over to our house and I've since decided that mothers shouldn't entertain and cook for others on THEIR day.  Live and learn.  

This year's special day, started off a few days early when Mom and I had 'Girls' Night Out' with endless cheese and chocolate fondue.  It was delicious; we stuffed ourselves silly; and talked the entire time.  

Sunday began with coffee in bed (never mind that I left explicit instructions on how to make it...if you want something you gotta ask).  Then the four of us headed out to breakfast before venturing to the park for a little fishing.  It was more about the sunshine, cool breeze, crazy geese, and time together than catching fish, so thankfully no one was disappointed when nothing was biting.  Naps were short lived, but a few solo errands kept me unphased.  Joe and I got a few things accomplished around the house before he and the boys headed to Home Depot and the playground so I could relax touch up paint, move things to the basement, make progress in my online class, blog, and make dinner (don't worry, it was something quick and easy:)) at home alone.  The boys took us on a walk so they could splash their Jeep through mud puddles and even bedtime went smoothly, complete with me reading I'll Love You Forever as the boys snuggled close.  A blessed day indeed.

I never realized what moms did until I became one.  I also never understood the depth of a mother's love until I felt the strength of it for my own children.  Some days I still don't know what I do, but I know it's busy and exhausting and rewarding and fulfilling.  Maddening and mundane creeps in sometimes too, and I understand why my mom sometimes said she wanted to run away.  I say the same thing on occasion these days.  But the good never fails to outweigh the bad.  Thanks, Mom, for all that you've always done for me.  Making yourself available has always been a priority and not gone unnoticed.  Love you more!


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  1. They have grown so fast! thanks for the reminders of those shots in the crib. Love those hats!


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