Sunday, May 26, 2013

Into the Unknown

3rd baby.  2nd pregnancy.  1st time at 32 weeks and 1 day.  

I delivered the boys at 32 weeks.  It's crazy to think that their newborn pictures is what She looks like right now.  Until I met them face to face all I could picture was something pink and alien-like, but in reality they were perfect, skinny, squirmy babies.  It's still hard to picture Katharine as an actual tiny baby in there...bony, pink, and alien-like is still easier to picture.  The boys are really into super heroes these days and I've decided that the ability to grow humans is quite the super-est of super powers.

This point forward is a game changer, territory I don't know.  What I do know is that in this last week the third trimester has reared its head...

My belly resembles a wave pool.  Sometimes she pushes so hard it hurts.  Sometimes she kicks so forcefully it tickles.

I'm out of breath.  All          the          time.

My hips hurt when I sleep on either side (yes, I have a fantastic body pillow) and I can't breathe right laying on my back, even on an incline. I guess frequent awakenings is nature's way of prepping me for what's to come.  Sigh.

My spirits are high highs or low lows.  I know my moodiness doesn't affect just boys are troopers, although they probably think I'm crazy. If I can't finish my coffee a beast seems to rise within me.  "Reasoning" with three year olds is hard in itself; but "reasoning" with three year olds while pregnant and impatient takes the challenge to new heights.  And don't get me started on multiple attempts to potty train (1 boy done, 1 boy to go!) and dealing with human waste clean up...

Some days I'm a nesting, cleaning, organizing mad woman.  Other days it's all I can do to keep my eyes open. 

I caved and bought a box of iced strawberry Pop-Tarts the other day. 

I think I've given myself my last pedicure for a while.  Folded in half, trying to reach my toes around a big ol' belly has gotten tough.  But we're at the beach (!!!!!!!!!!), so it was necessary:) 

On the days I actually make it to the gym (hello, 0% motivation) it figures that to my right is the youngest, skinniest, prettiest girl in class.  She's also tan, toned, and in cute, fitted workout gear.  To my left is another girl talking about how her ..."prom was JUST six years ago.  Oh my gosh!  Trying saying, "15 years ago, sweetheart."  :)

Here's what is 100% safe to say to a pregnant woman: "You look great!"  
Not: "You're so big!"  "You're not little mommy anymore, you're big mommy!"  "Wow, that baby girl has really popped out!" "You're looking wider and wider these days!" "So how much weight have you gained?" "Wow, and you have two months to go..."

Baby Girl's room is done with the exception of decorating wooden letters to spell her name.  I've made these numerous times for friends' kiddos, but it's even more exciting to make them for my own little one.  Love. 

Certainly I'm forgetting what the the days are like with a newborn around, as I have intentions ambitions of making it to a few important events right around delivery time this summer.  But who am I to miss my niece's 1st bday; a friend's baby shower; and my gymnastics team's 20 year reunions?!?!?!  Aiming high and hopeful...

I'm hitting 'publish' as family vacation is in full swing with a different crew of friends this year, and we're ready for a week with a lot of bit of chaos and a little bit of relaxation.  The Pattersons also have twin boys and a baby girl on the way.  Who better to travel with than people with whom we share parallel lives!  Thankful, relaxed, and happy.

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