Friday, May 10, 2013


Nesting is in full swing at our house, but not without its bumps (no pun intended:)) along the way...

Want to know how awesome it is to drive across town to pick up a carpet for Baby Girl's room, unload the boys from the car into the stroller, find perfectly colored said carpet, and then realize I don't have my wallet with me?  It's not even in the car.  It's on my kitchen counter.  At home.  Across town.  Not awesome.  And the poor sales associate who received the brunt end of my frustration after asking if she could help was probably less than pleased to have crossed my path that day as well.  

Want to know what's even more awesome?  When I happened to find a credit card in the bottom of my center console in the car I was psyched to think my trip was not for nothing.  But then I realized I had to call and activate the card in order to use it, which shouldn't have been a big deal, except that earlier that day I accidentally dropped my phone in a puddle and it was totally on the fritz.  Not awesome at all.  So, fuming and mad only at myself, the boys and I walked to the play area where the rest of the afternoon unfolded uneventfully.  

And that night after tutoring and Joe had the boys under control with dinner and bed, I traipsed back across down in the pouring down rain to get the damn carpet.  Mind you there wasn't a NEED for me to get it right away, but in my mind I had to just cross it off my list.  The solo time at the store afforded me the sanity and peacefulness to swallow my pride and apologize to aforementioned sales associate, actually buy the carpet this go round, and shop for other needed housewares.  In the end things did indeed turn out awesome and even Joe was pleased with my purchases.

Carpet pictured with other finds for the nursery...set up will begin this weekend!  Paper pieces will cover wooden letters to spell Katharine's name.

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