Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Road Trip Recap

1,000 miles in 16 hours.  The boys slept on and off through the night and only in the last hour did we have to use the DVD player.  We caved at every gas station and the boys had lollipops and Oreos in the wee hours of the night.  I pick my battles.  Upon arrival, belated birthday gifts were open by the boys and happily played with before a walk around the neighborhood.

Playground, naps, playground, shopping, ice cream.

plan A - Beach.  Too cold.
plan B - Children's Museum. Closed.
plan C - Indoor pool.  Closed.
plan D - Barnes and Noble train table.  No train table.
plan E - Lunch at Grouper and Chips.  Success!

Despite chilly temps, post naps had us at the beach, where we played in bathing suits and fleeces.  Instead of craving a margarita, a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate would've hit the spot.


Early morning birthday songs to Pops over the phone and a sunny, warm, 6-hours-at-the-beach day, complete with lunch at Turtle Club (a walk-up-in-your-cover-up-with-sand-on-your-feet-and-have-a drink-while-you-wait-for-your-table kind of place, but also a restaurant nice enough that reservations are necessary for dinner and some ladies are decked out in their finest animal print blazers, costume jewelry, and hot pink lipstick while sipping sugary daiquiris).  That night the boys were zombies and this mama discovered quite a bit of sunburn on her legs.  OopsRegardless, it was the best day of the week:)

A trip across the state along Alligator Alley to meet up with Niki and her kiddos in Boynton Beach.  Children's Museum, playground, and Chick Fil A...a typical and perfect day to see good friends! Dare I mention the 6+ hours it took Niki to get home thanks to wild fires?  So sorry:/  While we were gone, Joe and his parents played golf at the country club they've recently joined.  That night the adults headed to my favorite Naples restaurant, Bha Bha Persian Bistro and while we were out the boys didn't scare off their sitter.

Naples Children's Museum and an attempt to watch sunset at the beach.  Instead we dug in the sand and admired our footprints before heading home with the sun still shining.  Wind and cold and sand don't go too well together.  That night Joe and I enjoyed a movie date to see Silver Linings Playbook and Oma and Opa graciously put the boys to bed.  Grateful.

Naples Train Depot and lunch at Panera.  A walk in the afternoon for the boys while I packed and loaded up.  Dinner at Joe and Karin's community restaurant before starting our long trek home.  This time the DVD player was used much more, the boys stayed happy, and Joe and I were more rested to drive longer chunks of time.  
Recoup and regroup.

Overall, another successful trip in the books!  And yes I've been told the weather is warm and toasty there this week.  Go figure:)  Thank you, Oma and Opa for having us!    

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