Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Musings

Megan from In This Wonderful Life calls some of her Monday posts "Monday Musings," so today I'm borrowing her idea because it fits a list of random things to mention.  Thank you, Amy, for the virtual intro to this southern girl's sweet family:)

First off, it's spring yet we played in the snow this morning and area schools were cancelled.  Weird.  

While I made dinner tonight the boys played together.  Nicely.  Upstairs.  Without me.  Their pretend play of taking care of Mickey and putting Teddy bed is a riot to listen to.  When I checked on them I got, "We're good!"  Such big boys.

Let's talk about dinner.  My Aunt Carol introduced me to Bon Apetit's Modern Mac and Cheese last week and I've been anxious to make it.  Great comfort food for a cold day but loads of veggies letting you know weekly trips to the farmers markets are around the corner (as soon as this damn snow melts and stays away).  She promised it wouldn't disappoint and it didn't!  Hence, doubling the recipe to guarantee leftovers.  Yum!

Today we had an appointment for Baby Girl.  We're 23 weeks along.  She got a glowing report.  A delivery date is on the calendar, my tummy is measuring right on target, and her heart rate was strong.  I asked the boys what they thought she'd look like and got this response: a dinosaur.  Hmmmmm.  Garrett requests multiple times a day to rub my tummy and both boys can tell you that we'll soon be a family of five, naming each of us on their fingers.   

Joe and I have plans to build (clarification: Joe will build, I will paint) Baby Girl some bookshelves, which means Joe insists on buying a new tool.  Men and their nesting...before the boys arrived he gutted our kitchen; one friend re-modeled their master bathroom; another friend rented a back hoe and ripped up their yard.  An expectant mama organizing a closet and planning a new baby room is nothing in comparison...

This past Saturday I spent the day with 12 other girls who I get together with monthly for "wine club dinner."  Technically, it's more like a supper club because we don't do fancy wine pairings, but we do usually do a theme and everyone brings something to share.  It never disappoints and we're going 3 years strong.  No doubt, I love the third Thursday of every month.  Over the weekend we ventured on a winery tour with myself and another pregnant friend as the designated drivers.  Sunny weather, good music, fun company, and gorgeous surroundings make for a gem of a day, drinking or not! 

Ahead of us this week the boys have their first dentist visit and we'll be hosting Easter Dinner here at the house, neighborhood egg hung and all!

That's it for now....bedtime duty calls....Happy Monday:)

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