Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Tuesday: UPDATE

I just sat down to update my morning post because the rest of the morning actually went so well that I felt it necessary to redeem my ticked-off-Tuesday-attitude.  Certainly this will mean I've jinxed the afternoon, but you win some and you lose some.  

Anyway, upon Joe leaving for work this morning, the boys and I played restaurant in their room, made pancakes for breakfast, blew bubbles, straightened up the house, and pleasantly got into the car for a trip to Target and Barnes & Noble.  At Target there were no fights, no near-death falls out of the carts, no whining for more veggie packs, no screaming for Teddy Grahams at the check out line, and no tears when fingers were accidentally pinched while maneuvering the crowded aisles.  They didn't even throw piles of cards on the floor while I picked out Easter cards for great grandparents far away.  They even let me make a lap through the maternity wear section to find some gym shorts in bigger sizes (last week's feeling of sausage in spandex while on the treadmill pushed me over the edge).  

Then we ventured to the bookstore to play on the train and Lego tables.  They played NICELY while I skimmed a book that didn't impress me.  They DIDN'T RUN from me.  They SHARED. They SNUGGLED in my lap while we read about Bambi.  They CLEANED UP and HELD MY HANDS out the door after only THREE attempts.  People SMILED at us as we walked together instead of the usual raised-eyebrow scowls and sweat-inducing wrestling matches that typically ensue upon exiting.  We enjoyed a quick lunch and they went upstairs on their own for naps.  What?!?!

Oh, and before I left the room Garrett asked to see my 'button belly,' rub my soft tummy, and see the cracks (um yea, rash/stretch marks.  They're ok, though.).  He said, "Katharine, what are you doing in there?"  Be still my heart.

Even though I'm about to head back upstairs to put them down for a second time and it indeed sounds like the ceiling might cave in above me from all of their jumping around, I'm considering today a success already.  The sun is shining, I just 'neatened' up the pan of s'mores bars we made yesterday and will probably go back for seconds, there's no laundry to be folded, and I read this for a good laugh and reality check.

HAPPY TUESDAY (for real this time)!


Gavin woke up crying for Daddy only. 

Blue's Clues didn't come on this morning or yesterday, so we're watching the same episode for the second time in a row...the only one saved on the DVR. 

The boys didn't want to wear their camo pants I'd pulled from their drawer...cue another meltdown. 

Gavin wanted Garret's bear. Cue more fighting. My gosh, the fighting.....

My den smells like poopy diapers.  

And my coffee will probably need to be reheated before I even sip it because I'm on kid duty in exactly 3 minutes before Joe gets ready to leave for the day. 

Happy Tuesday....

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