Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Musings

Megan from In This Wonderful Life calls some of her Monday posts "Monday Musings," so today I'm borrowing her idea because it fits a list of random things to mention.  Thank you, Amy, for the virtual intro to this southern girl's sweet family:)

First off, it's spring yet we played in the snow this morning and area schools were cancelled.  Weird.  

While I made dinner tonight the boys played together.  Nicely.  Upstairs.  Without me.  Their pretend play of taking care of Mickey and putting Teddy bed is a riot to listen to.  When I checked on them I got, "We're good!"  Such big boys.

Let's talk about dinner.  My Aunt Carol introduced me to Bon Apetit's Modern Mac and Cheese last week and I've been anxious to make it.  Great comfort food for a cold day but loads of veggies letting you know weekly trips to the farmers markets are around the corner (as soon as this damn snow melts and stays away).  She promised it wouldn't disappoint and it didn't!  Hence, doubling the recipe to guarantee leftovers.  Yum!

Today we had an appointment for Baby Girl.  We're 23 weeks along.  She got a glowing report.  A delivery date is on the calendar, my tummy is measuring right on target, and her heart rate was strong.  I asked the boys what they thought she'd look like and got this response: a dinosaur.  Hmmmmm.  Garrett requests multiple times a day to rub my tummy and both boys can tell you that we'll soon be a family of five, naming each of us on their fingers.   

Joe and I have plans to build (clarification: Joe will build, I will paint) Baby Girl some bookshelves, which means Joe insists on buying a new tool.  Men and their nesting...before the boys arrived he gutted our kitchen; one friend re-modeled their master bathroom; another friend rented a back hoe and ripped up their yard.  An expectant mama organizing a closet and planning a new baby room is nothing in comparison...

This past Saturday I spent the day with 12 other girls who I get together with monthly for "wine club dinner."  Technically, it's more like a supper club because we don't do fancy wine pairings, but we do usually do a theme and everyone brings something to share.  It never disappoints and we're going 3 years strong.  No doubt, I love the third Thursday of every month.  Over the weekend we ventured on a winery tour with myself and another pregnant friend as the designated drivers.  Sunny weather, good music, fun company, and gorgeous surroundings make for a gem of a day, drinking or not! 

Ahead of us this week the boys have their first dentist visit and we'll be hosting Easter Dinner here at the house, neighborhood egg hung and all!

That's it for now....bedtime duty calls....Happy Monday:)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

'Deep' Thoughts

I've started this post 5+ times.  In the midst of writing I am usually interrupted, sidetracked, or suddenly unmotivated.  It's taken shape over the course of a couple weeks and in that time the boys turned three and celebrated with Mickey Mouse and friends, the clocks were changed (which is actually not bad for us when they spring forward - it's the fall back that kills us), the switch to big boy beds was made (success!), and I've been on a nesting purging/selling craze frenzy thanks to Baby Girl and an abundance of boy items ready for a new home. In the evenings Joe finds himself in the garage and I frequently house-hunt online.  So far I've kind of met my 2013 resolution of reading a book a January it was The Expats; February was a fail; and March, so far, was Room (woa)With the month only half over I figure I should start another one to make up for last month's missed 'assignment.'  I'm working on it.  Our weekends are pleasantly busy with birthday parties, St. Patty's Day and Easter celebrations, cookouts, baby showers, upcoming road trips, nursery planning, winery tours, a baby dedication, and a bowling outing with the great grandparents .  Potty training (gulp) is also on the horizon.  I'm hopeful spring has sprung because long afternoon/evening playtime makes for tired, messy boys and happy neighborhood mamas.  However, snow on the first day of Spring has all of us wondering.  Amongst our daily happenings, happy highs, irritating lows, and conversations with friends, I often find a few recurring questions that pop up.  These are my 'deep' thoughts...take them with a grain of salt.

1.  Why does it rain on the days I attempt to look put together...meaning shower, dry my hair, and maybe do something to my face more than pinch my cheeks for a little color?  And why is it that I see the most people on the mornings when I've made no effort on myself? 

2.  Why must the tree guys use their loudest piece of equipment at nap time?

3.  Why does it never fail, that if I'm wearing what I think is a cute-ish shirt, I'll spill coffee on it?  My growing belly highlights this error ten fold.

4.  Please tell me that you too have had to pull the car over on a busy road and retrieve your children's shoes from the middle of the street because you left them on the roof of the vehicle.  We were only headed to the playground....they might be a little important to have with us.

5. Why is it next to impossible to get out the door by 9am without wanting to blow a gasket?  We've all been up for two to three hours (if not longer) at that point.

6.  Is it normal to leave the grocery store with Haagen Dazs, brownie mix, and egg rolls?  What about eating a Greek salad, a piece of red skinned potato pizza with spicy ranch dressing, and a curried chicken Thai pizza slice all in one sitting?  How about leaving the table without even signing the bill?

7. Is it awful that I switched the time on the boys' clock one morning before the time switch so that they'd sleep just one more hour?  And it worked:)  They know they can't get out of bed until 6am, so when I caught it just in time at 5:59 they indeed went back to sleep!  It's grand when things work in a mama's favor.  This was before the time switch and so far they've been good about staying in bed till 7:00.  Or at least they play nicely until then and their conversations are hysterical.  Another sweet sound to waken to...that is, until the fighting begins and the coffee hasn't even been made yet.

8.  Oh, not everyone makes brownies at 10pm just to lick the bowl?  Hmmm.

9.  Pregnant + in a bar = hilarious looks.  I'm drinking WATER, people!  

10. I'm telling, not asking, that it's perfectly acceptable to hide slip away into your own bedroom upon the arrival of Husband home from work.  20 minutes, the iPad, and a snack in solitude does a tired mother wishing for her personal Mary Poppins wonders.  Never mind the massive army of dust bunnies I discovered upon sitting down.  

11.  How is it possible that I managed to go stretch mark free for 32 weeks while pregnant with twins, but while pregnant with one baby they surfaced at just 18 weeks?  I'm hopeful it's just related to the terribly itchy, look-like-a-scratching-crazy-person rash that's unleashed itself on my mid-section.

12.  Why can't I remember squat anymore?  Like the one item I actually went to the store for?  Or actually bringing my wallet to the store in the first place?

13.  Why does spin class have to be filled to capacity 10 minutes before the start time (3 times in a row!) when we actually managed to get out the door on time (and maybe a little early)I closely resemble sausage in spandex anyway, so I'm thankful for the darkened bike and media cardio rooms.  And running outside?  Oh forget feels like a 5 gallon jug is on my bladder when I don't actually have to pee at all.

14.  Why can't I keep my eyes open past 9pm, but am wide awake by 5am?  But those sweet baby kicks are a good reason to be awake:)

15.  Hmmmm, pizza for 3 of the last 4 meals.  One of them ending with shared icrecream, another with giant chocolate chip cookies.  Ok, we'll get back on the healthy train tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Tuesday: UPDATE

I just sat down to update my morning post because the rest of the morning actually went so well that I felt it necessary to redeem my ticked-off-Tuesday-attitude.  Certainly this will mean I've jinxed the afternoon, but you win some and you lose some.  

Anyway, upon Joe leaving for work this morning, the boys and I played restaurant in their room, made pancakes for breakfast, blew bubbles, straightened up the house, and pleasantly got into the car for a trip to Target and Barnes & Noble.  At Target there were no fights, no near-death falls out of the carts, no whining for more veggie packs, no screaming for Teddy Grahams at the check out line, and no tears when fingers were accidentally pinched while maneuvering the crowded aisles.  They didn't even throw piles of cards on the floor while I picked out Easter cards for great grandparents far away.  They even let me make a lap through the maternity wear section to find some gym shorts in bigger sizes (last week's feeling of sausage in spandex while on the treadmill pushed me over the edge).  

Then we ventured to the bookstore to play on the train and Lego tables.  They played NICELY while I skimmed a book that didn't impress me.  They DIDN'T RUN from me.  They SHARED. They SNUGGLED in my lap while we read about Bambi.  They CLEANED UP and HELD MY HANDS out the door after only THREE attempts.  People SMILED at us as we walked together instead of the usual raised-eyebrow scowls and sweat-inducing wrestling matches that typically ensue upon exiting.  We enjoyed a quick lunch and they went upstairs on their own for naps.  What?!?!

Oh, and before I left the room Garrett asked to see my 'button belly,' rub my soft tummy, and see the cracks (um yea, rash/stretch marks.  They're ok, though.).  He said, "Katharine, what are you doing in there?"  Be still my heart.

Even though I'm about to head back upstairs to put them down for a second time and it indeed sounds like the ceiling might cave in above me from all of their jumping around, I'm considering today a success already.  The sun is shining, I just 'neatened' up the pan of s'mores bars we made yesterday and will probably go back for seconds, there's no laundry to be folded, and I read this for a good laugh and reality check.

HAPPY TUESDAY (for real this time)!


Gavin woke up crying for Daddy only. 

Blue's Clues didn't come on this morning or yesterday, so we're watching the same episode for the second time in a row...the only one saved on the DVR. 

The boys didn't want to wear their camo pants I'd pulled from their drawer...cue another meltdown. 

Gavin wanted Garret's bear. Cue more fighting. My gosh, the fighting.....

My den smells like poopy diapers.  

And my coffee will probably need to be reheated before I even sip it because I'm on kid duty in exactly 3 minutes before Joe gets ready to leave for the day. 

Happy Tuesday....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Road Trip Recap

1,000 miles in 16 hours.  The boys slept on and off through the night and only in the last hour did we have to use the DVD player.  We caved at every gas station and the boys had lollipops and Oreos in the wee hours of the night.  I pick my battles.  Upon arrival, belated birthday gifts were open by the boys and happily played with before a walk around the neighborhood.

Playground, naps, playground, shopping, ice cream.

plan A - Beach.  Too cold.
plan B - Children's Museum. Closed.
plan C - Indoor pool.  Closed.
plan D - Barnes and Noble train table.  No train table.
plan E - Lunch at Grouper and Chips.  Success!

Despite chilly temps, post naps had us at the beach, where we played in bathing suits and fleeces.  Instead of craving a margarita, a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate would've hit the spot.


Early morning birthday songs to Pops over the phone and a sunny, warm, 6-hours-at-the-beach day, complete with lunch at Turtle Club (a walk-up-in-your-cover-up-with-sand-on-your-feet-and-have-a drink-while-you-wait-for-your-table kind of place, but also a restaurant nice enough that reservations are necessary for dinner and some ladies are decked out in their finest animal print blazers, costume jewelry, and hot pink lipstick while sipping sugary daiquiris).  That night the boys were zombies and this mama discovered quite a bit of sunburn on her legs.  OopsRegardless, it was the best day of the week:)

A trip across the state along Alligator Alley to meet up with Niki and her kiddos in Boynton Beach.  Children's Museum, playground, and Chick Fil A...a typical and perfect day to see good friends! Dare I mention the 6+ hours it took Niki to get home thanks to wild fires?  So sorry:/  While we were gone, Joe and his parents played golf at the country club they've recently joined.  That night the adults headed to my favorite Naples restaurant, Bha Bha Persian Bistro and while we were out the boys didn't scare off their sitter.

Naples Children's Museum and an attempt to watch sunset at the beach.  Instead we dug in the sand and admired our footprints before heading home with the sun still shining.  Wind and cold and sand don't go too well together.  That night Joe and I enjoyed a movie date to see Silver Linings Playbook and Oma and Opa graciously put the boys to bed.  Grateful.

Naples Train Depot and lunch at Panera.  A walk in the afternoon for the boys while I packed and loaded up.  Dinner at Joe and Karin's community restaurant before starting our long trek home.  This time the DVD player was used much more, the boys stayed happy, and Joe and I were more rested to drive longer chunks of time.  
Recoup and regroup.

Overall, another successful trip in the books!  And yes I've been told the weather is warm and toasty there this week.  Go figure:)  Thank you, Oma and Opa for having us!    

Monday, March 11, 2013

Well Rounded

We're back from vacation (a recap coming soon!) and I'm not going to lie, I think Joe did a little skip to his car on the way out the door this morning and I know I felt relieved to get back into our groove.  Our time away was nice, no doubt, but the boys get out of sync with so much attention and a bombardment of activities.  Today the weather was nice and we resumed our typical day to day doings.  Give it a week or so and I'm sure I'll be ready for another get a away.  The grass is always greener....

Anyway, this morning we had a little musical entertainment on our hands:

And this afternoon it was sports that kept us entertained:

I'd say we've got some well rounded boys on our hands:)

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