Thursday, February 14, 2013

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Despite a few ugly moments around here, the good ones manage to find their place at just the right time.


Like on those days my sense of self worth is below a 0, a friend will post THIS and I'm reminded how sweet this time in my life is right now and having the freedom to what we want when we want won't last forever, so yes, how we spend our days is indeed important.  To us.  Right now..  Because sometimes [always] MOTHERHOOD, and the choices that come with it, are hard to adequately describe without totally talking in circles.


It's been a while since sickness has reared its head around here, but in the last 48 hours it's been plain ugly.  Snotty noses, crusty ears, oozing eyes, sharp ear pains, crying boys, and not much sleep.  And the bad part was that at the doctor's office the nurse had to swab the boys' noses for a flu test not once, but twice.  Cue pinned down, violently flailing, screaming kids.  x2.  But the good is that the flu tests were negative, we got the antibiotics we needed for an ear infection and pink eye, and were eating popsicles and strawberries at the grocery store in no time while prescriptions were filled.  Also in my favor were the snuggles I got with Garrett while I let him sleep in our bed the other night and the hot spot his breath left on my chest while he dozed on me during an early nap time today.  Even if it meant ignoring a grumbling tummy while my hot lunch waited for me on the counter downstairs, I really do enjoy those rare moments even if they happen only when sickness strikes.  P.S. As I type the boys are going on a 2+ hour nap that started at 11:30.  Sleep was so needed.


When I found out I was pregnant with the boys I looked forward to working out up until delivery.  I thought for sure I'd be in those cute running skirts or at least walking with a big ol' bump each Saturday with my regular running crew.  By 12 weeks I was cut off from all forms of exercise.  It took my doctor and my husband and my parents to make me realize that doing a 6k hilly race at 18 weeks pregnant was not necessary.  Because the boys only had a 50/50 chance to make it to week 28 it was our thought that I needed to do everything in my power to control what I could and should anything have gone wrong I didn't need to second guess any of my own actions.  I remember around 18 weeks trying to do a push up in my bedroom and falling flat on my face.  Any strength I had I was losing fast.  I convinced my doctor to let me bring 5-8lb weights into my hospital room so I could at least do a little upper body toning while on bed rest.  Alas, after being in a hospital bed for 3 days my legs started to ache because, as my doctor put it, "Muscle degeneration starts taking place after 72 hours."  Awesome, I had 42 days left in that damn bed.  And so, I finally called the gym and froze my membership.  The statistics against us and the atrophy my body experienced was the ugly part of my first pregnancy.  The bad part were the low points I had in the hospital while on bed rest.  And of course the good, well the good is actually amazing, and has stared me in the face for almost three years now.  

But going back to the working out aspect...this pregnancy I've enjoyed working out and plan to continue to do so.  Well doggone it if the pain in my heel hasn't flared up again.  Last time this lasted 18 months and was ugly, ugly, ugly.  The bad part is that it keeps me from my running girls each week.  But the good aspect is that I've discovered some awesome classes at the gym.  Enter water aerobics.  I'm not kidding.  I used to think this class was for retired ladies, age 70 and up.  However, I tried a class this week and was left winded and sore and had spaghetti legs as I climbed out of the water.  I'm quite certain I've found my new Monday morning routine and look forward to spending it with the sweet Spanish lady that teaches the class along with everyone else who is already in on this little secret.  There are men, women, young, old, black, white, and all fitness levels, and because we only see each other from the neck up no one really cares what you look like in a bathing suit in the dead of February.  Pregnant or not.


And other gems that I've appreciated lately...

The man at the cash register, who kindly told me I'd left my groceries behind after just paying for them.  Certainly he thought I was an idiot, but these space cadet moves are all too common in my book lately.  Kind of like how I left the popsicles in the car for almost an hour once we got home and it's actually not freezing today. 

The boys' recent surge in using and recognizing manners...please, thank you, you're welcome, and "That a great idea!"  Their sense of compassion is coming out too.  They say, "Mommy EAT!  Baby get food."  When I had a stomachache Garrett said, "Baby be ok?"

A great, uneventful doctor appointment the other day to check in on Baby and hear his/her heartbeat.  I thought for sure I'd worry less this go round, but I've learned that when it comes to growing babies, be it 1, 2, or more all at once or separately, there will always be worry.  Sigh:)
17 weeks

The boys' love for all things Daddy, including ACDC's song "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" and watching live streaming of a friend at a four-wheeling race in California.

Appetizers and four wheeling racing, with Garrett's favorite penguin hat and all:)

And my family's recent demonstration of true love...all 20 of us across 4 generations came together from all different states to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa's 60th anniversary.  It was said that their commitment to each other has held steadfast thanks to love and tenacity (or vice versa at times:)).  Our time together was nothing short of AWESOME.

On that note, today is Valentines Day!  Lots of happy love to you and yours:)  
Thank you, Oma!  We're obsessed with our Mickeys!

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