Monday, February 25, 2013

Pink or Blue?

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I'm not very good at keeping my own secrets...if there's news to be shared I want to share it!  When we confirmed this pregnancy I figured it'd be fine not to find out the gender.  After all, we're not buying many new items.  Between what we have for a boy and hand me downs from friends for a girl, we're covered.  The new nursery is currently yellow and will be staying yellow; nothing is changing in the way of baby gear; and one of the boys' cribs will become New Baby's crib.  But then Joe said, "Absolutely not, we're finding out!"  Ok, done deal.  

In the last couple weeks Joe and I have both dreamed Baby is a boy.  But all along I only had girl names and girl bedroom visions in my head.  The boys' opinions changed by the hour of the day.  The grandparents were all rooting for pink.  My honest to goodness opinion was just healthy.

Today was reveal day and quite the family affair.  Joe's parents and my brother and niece joined us via Skype and Face Time and my parents and Hannah were here in person.  Garrett and Gavin knew just what to do to share the news:

So the verdict is in.  In case you missed the color of those balloons, they were pink.  Our family of five will be rounded out with a little girl:)  Her name is Katharine Ray.  Katharine is after Joe's mom, whose given name is Katharina, and Ray is after my dad and his dad (pictured below).  She'll make her debut in mid July.  I'm pretty giddy.  In her room will hang a picture of my grandpa and me from when I was little and a quote my dad gave me about what little girls are made of:

Then reality sets in.  When the boys were just a few days old I called my dad in a panic worrying about how I was going to raise responsible, respectful, kind, motivated young men.  His response was, "Kris, let's just them to weigh 5lbs."  And now I find myself worrying with this sweet pea already: How do I instill confidence?  What if she doesn't feel pretty and worries more about what's on the outside than on the inside?  What if the mean girls are really mean to her?  What if she obsesses about her weight?  What if she does some of the same things I did in college?  (Crap).  What if she never gets a date in her life because no boy will be able to get by her two big brothers and dad? (I'm ok with this one.)  What if I just constantly annoy her?  How do I french braid?  What if she inherits my blah sense of style and inability to adequately apply make up?  How do I instill the importance of honesty?  What if someone tries to take advantage of her?  What do I say when her heart is broken for the first time?  How do I keep her away from the hoochy mama clothes that have invaded the little girls' section?  But alas, let's just get her here healthy:)

So now we wait.  And grow.  And dream.  Ok, and shop just a little:)


  1. loved every bit of this.

  2. Awesome news! I'm so happy for you guys! You will be an awesome Momma to a girl, just like you are to those precious boys! Continuing to pray for your growing family and healthy baby:)


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