Sunday, January 13, 2013

Still Kickin'

Oh it's happened.  I've become that negligent blogger that now just posts once a month.  When I first created this journaling outlet I had enough thoughts to post three times a week.  Now it's kind of like cleaning the can wait.  But it shouldn't (well, cleaning the bathrooms will until just before our next house guest arrives).  I can barely remember what I did yesterday, let alone in a week or a month or over a holiday or special occasion.  In my defense, when my days start between 4:00 and 6:00am I barely  have the wherewithal to hold my eyes open past 8:30pm.  It used to be that when my days started before the sun at least my kids were still sleeping and I could squeeze in some me-time, but these days they're downstairs with me and entertaining two almost 3 year olds from 6:00am to 7:15pm makes for a long day.  Add to that their shortened naps, so you get the idea.  And poor Joe, I'm certain he thinks he married the biggest bump on a log around.  Just as we sit down to enjoy each others company or simply sit next to each other watching the same TV program, I'm down for the count.  Anyway, since we last chatted last year a birthday was had, Christmas happened, and 2013 entered into the present.

Birthday breakfast in bed!

Birthday dinner at Kanpai Japanese Steakhouse!
Local Christmas tree lighting!

Santa Brunch with Oma, Opa, Nana, and Pops!

My little drummer boy!

Loving his new cars!

Chasing Daddy for his Gummi Bear stocking treats!

More presents!

Discovering Great Grandpa's accordion!

Sweetest little elf around!  

Catching up with old friends and celebrating a baby on the way!
Attending Joe's company party!

Dinner out sans all 5 kids!
Our Christmas season was busy.  Exhausting.  Fun.
It was missed naps, overstimulated kids, too many treats, fights over new toys, shuttling from one holiday gathering to another, overplayed carols, baking endless batches of cookies, getting frustrated over not being able to find the right gift, orchestrating festive logistics, decorating the house, too many battery operated toys, finding where to display countless [adorable] cards, bribing kids to eat their meals for one more piece of Advent calendar chocolate, and negotiating who sits where and who drinks out of which cup.

But our Christmas was rich.  Blessed.  Filled.  Joyful.

In between all the maddening chaos there was an impromptu brunch date with the girls, a New Years Eve run, another breakfast date and lunch date with dear friends and more friends and our mamas, excitement over opening all those adorable Christmas cards from family and friends near and far, gifts to wrap, excited faces to see, twinkling lights, adult time, amazing food (Christmas Eve fondue and Christmas Day Italian dinner!), new toys that kept kiddos happily entertained while it was cold and rainy outside, movie dates, dinner dates, grand kid and grandparent sleepovers, and happy talk for big things happening the following year.

We've smoothly glided into 2013.  The boys will soon transition to their big boy beds and potty training will be attempted early this spring.  Joe has started running a little again and my resolution is to read one book a month.  Thankfully, my friend Amy has helped jump start me by suggesting we read a book together, so I'm making enjoyable progress on The Expats.  Plans are already in place for the boys' 3rd (third?!?!) birthday party next month along with a girls' weekend away.  Joe has a guys' trip planned to Austin, TX and dates are on the calendar for our trip to Florida in March and another beach vacation with friends in May/June.

Our lives are simple.  Our needs are met and most of our wants are too.  We are truly lucky.  2013 is set to be another good year.

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