Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Grateful. Very, very grateful

How grateful am I that on the very morning I'd been craving something sweet and fruity (i.e. lemon bars, mango smoothie, etc.), the boys' great grandmother sent us home with a quarter of her double layer orange cake with fluffy frosting?  I may or may not have already dug into it twice since we've been home in the last two hours.

How grateful am I for dear friends, whose time together used to revolve around day to day roommate life and going out on the weekends, but has now progressed to Sunday morning play dates with lots of babies?

How grateful am I for the yummy treats that my mom and dad have been making me from our new favorite cookbook, The Smitten KitchenThis, this, and this were particularly tasty!

How grateful am I for comfy maternity leggings on sale and the maternity skinny jeans I found at a consignment shop for a fraction of the regular retail cost?

14 weeks

How grateful am I for the indoor activities that have kept us indoors but busy on these past cold, rainy, and snowy days?  Dance parties/"freeze dance"; jumping on the couch (I caved); animal charades; baking (a lesson in patience for all moms:)); super man dives on the bed; Memory, Candy Land, I Spy, and Hide & Seek (they're almost 3 - simple games are a new thing around here!); baths with spray bottles or shaving cream "paint"; play dough (I set out tiny toys for them to squish into it, offer cheese spreaders to cut it, they love to stick magnet letters in the dough, etc); stamps, pads, and paper; build forts; on the iPad: watch you tube clips of dump trucks, play ABC games, take videos of kids and let them watch it; dress up in old Halloween costumes; finger paint with yogurt or shaving cream on high chair trays; "paint" on the chalkboard with sponges/paint brushes and water; thread Fruit Loops/ziti noodles on pipe cleaners; play with tupperware and large plastic serving utensils; play with hole punchers; make pictures with stickers; pick up cotton balls with tongs and move from bowl to bowl (oddly enough, they love this!); play with Mommy's scarves and necklaces; put painters tape or masking tape on the floor to create a "road" for trucks or set up Hop Scotch; build and destroy block towers; set up "camp" in a tent and read books; play with flashlights; look at old photo albums; play "basketball" with soft balls or socks and a laundry basket; blow up balloons and play "volleyball"; have an indoor picnic with hot chocolate.
Shaving cream+food coloring+muffin pan+bathtub = instant entertainment!  Keep a towel on hand and some cleaner for your tile grout and when all is said and done both your kids and bathroom are nice and clean:)

Painting on the chalkboard with water!
Hide and Seek:)
Hot chocolate time!
How grateful am I to be spending the upcoming weekend with my entire extended family on my mom's side to celebrate my grandparents' 60th anniversary?
Last time the whole gang was together in 2007:)  Thank you Uncle Dick, for these pics.
How grateful?  Very, very grateful!

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