Monday, December 3, 2012


What, it's December already?  I swear I started this post in November.  Sad to say it was only the second thing I'd written all month.  Inspiration, profound thoughts...where have you gone?

Anyway, I should be folding laundry, prepping dinner, and eating lunch as the boys sleep right now because as of lately, gone are the days of my mid-day two hour break.  Gone are also the days of working out early and coming home to a quiet house where I can enjoy my coffee, read emails, and slip into the shower.  And gone are the days of hearing sweet babbles, coos, and giggles between the boys as they wake up.  Instead our mornings start around 4:30am with fussing.  I cave all too quickly and bring a boy in bed with us to get just a little more sleep.  Right as I settle back into my dream the other boy wakes up around 5:30.  He also joins us in bed.  I wish we had a king instead of a queen.  Sometimes I head out the door and go running or to the gym, and sometimes I snuggle arrange myself on the 12inches of space left on the edge of the bed next to all three snorting, snoring, moaning, wiggly boys.  By 6:00 someone is saying, "Go downstairs."  Or there's a little fella burrowing into the covers and slipping out at the foot of the bed only to start running around and slamming all the doors.  Whomever doesn't think to slam the doors first starts crying because HE wanted to slam the bathroom door closed.  And so our day begins.  By nap time I can barely make it through the second book without nodding off, but can never seem to actually nap when they do.  As I keep my fingers crossed for a solid 45 minutes hoping they'll sleep their old regular two hours, I usually hear someone after about 60 minutes.  2:00pm-7:30pm is a long afternoon to fill, especially when we've had a busy morning.  To boot, I hate that the sun starts setting at 4:30 in the afternoon and I hate cold temperatures deterring us from playing outside longer than 30 minutes at a time.  However, today is a sweet reprieve with temps close to 70 and a pleasant morning was spent at Lewis Ginter...our year round favorite spot!  Ah, grateful!

Since I kind of missed the boat on gratefulness, here's a list I had going in my head the whole month of November.  If my dad sends me some pictures from our Turkey Day gathering (hint hint) I could illustrate some of these items a little better:)  But better late than never, even if my halls are already decked in their holiday attire and we've been listening to Faith Hill's Little Drummer Boy on repeat since November 23.....

-I'm thankful that at the doctor's office last week Garrett put his hand on Gavin's back to assure him it would be ok.  Gavin was in hysterics about being at the doctor's office and having to have his blood pressure taken, throat swabbed, and ears checked.

-I'm thankful for my health, and that before I overindulged in festive fare on Thanksgiving, I was able to complete a local race with a hill every mile.  Even better is that the boys ran their first race too!
(Let's clarify....they were carried the majority of this kids' dash and only at the sound of "Lollipops are at the finish line!" did they perk up.)

-I'm thankful for my children's sweet honesty that melts my heart and that when asked what made him happy, Gavin responded, "Garrett."  I'm also thankful for their candid honesty that keeps us the way the boys giggle when they see Joe in his boxers and point at him and say, "I see Daddy's underwear!"  Or when they tickle my toes and say, "Ew, Mommy's feet stinky."  Awesome.

-I'm thankful that my recent restless sleep patterns have allowed me to comfort and soothe my fussy kiddos in the middle of the night and not be too irritated that I've seen all 24 hours on the clock lately. (Note: this item went on the list about two weeks ago and I'm over those middle of the night wakings now.)

-I'm thankful for the precious girlfriend time I got to enjoy while my friend visited town over Thanksgiving.  I'm also thankful for new friends and old friends and the many circles of friends that offer free therapy, share in my delights, offer helpful perspective, keep me sane, and help me find balance.

-I'm thankful that my grandpa took the time to re-record his Charlie Brown's Christmas Story (Hallmark recordable book) so my kids can forever hear his voice.  Grandma did one too and these books are currently daily favorites around here:)

-I'm thankful for my parents' house, where we were welcomed three days in a row to prep for and enjoy Thanksgiving, and each time left the place looking like a hurricane came through and no one complained about it directly to me.

-I'm thankful for the recent part time job offer that was sent my way, and even though the timing isn't right for us right now, it was reassuring to know that my skills are sought after and that when the time is indeed right, there will be opportunities.

-I'm thankful that I got to watch my sweet niece sleep peacefully in her great grandpa's arms as we all spent time together on Thanksgiving.  And a side note to the specialness of dad recently discovered that this sweet girl and her great great aunt share the same name.  It was also learned that this great great aunt's sister, my great grandmother on my dad's dad's side, died on the same day that my boys were born on 42 years later.  Did you follow all that?  Fate is a neat thing.

-I'm thankful for a patient husband who played with sick kids while I went nuts with Christmas decorations and asked his opinion a thousand times on holiday items about which he could probably care less.

So that brings us to December, where our days and nights will soon be filled with holiday chaos, too much food, overspending, and lots of fellowship.  The breaks in routine are welcome, the extra calories will be balanced with more running, and January can wait to get here as long as possible.

Afterall, all the boys are asking for from Santa is chocolate, so I might get off pretty easy:) 

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