Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nature Calls

The 50-60 degree days recently have been a warm welcome, literally!  Cold temps and early nightfall aren't much fun with little ones since the notion of cozying up by a fire with hot soup for a relaxing night ahead is just a dream.  The more I can wear out my kiddos, the better.  

This week we got back to nature...with a visit to our local nature center one day and an adventure through the woods the next.  No doubt, boys will be boys.  I know for sure they're hardwired to love mud, sticks, and all things messy.


It was a blissful kind of morning.  All three of us had actually slept for longer than two hours at a time the night before, spirits were high, directions were followed, fighting was next to none, and even our trip to Target was manageable.  A rarity around here these days.

And then when we returned home for lunch I walked into the kitchen to find this.  Mmmm, my gosh irresistible:)

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  1. I love exploring boys. They look like they are the first boys who ever discovered a hole in a tree. Fabulous!


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