Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What's Not to Love?

I kind of fell off the bandwagon for three weeks a while.  No reason.  Just completely unmotivated.  Unmotivated to do much of anything actually, but certain things like cooking and cleaning and working out and folding laundry can't wait for three weeks.  But this lapse in time doesn't mean I haven't been thinking.  I've been thinking lately about what's not to love.  And there's so much.  It's these moments, and oftentimes those not caught on camera, that keep me centered, grounded, grateful.  They stop me in my tracks, make me pinch myself, sigh, and feel grateful. 

The boys and I were at the playground (surprise, surprise) last month and it was a picture perfect day.  They wore matching overalls with different shirts underneath and we'd spent an hour watching trains and cars, playing on the swings, sliding down slides, and climbing ladders.  As we raced across the soccer fields back to the car I looked behind me, only to have to catch my breath as I snapped a picture in my memory.  The boys looked perfect.  They were smiling and laughing and acting silly.  I was about to say, "Come on let's go!" but then I didn't and just enjoyed the moment and enjoyed the fact that there was no reason to hurry at all. 

Then there was yesterday, when Garrett wouldn't let me get off the couch because he was hugging me so tight.

Recently the boys and I built our first fort; each night they ask for Daddy to make a fire, and  our new favorite indoor routine is to play chase around the house.

And I never want to forget the laughter that erupted around the dinner table after Gavin said, "Mommy needs a bib!" after I dropped food on my shirt.  

With Thanksgiving around the corner, many people talk about the things and people for which they're grateful.  And while I try to make it an occurrence all year long, there's no denying that fall forces us to pause and soak up that feel-good-breathe-deep-get cozy-enjoy-the-crisp-air feeling.

So far our fall has brought many memory makers:

Shear delight.

 Cool weekend days with my family.  MY SWEET FAMILY. 
Apple picking and the treats that will follow.

I mean really.  Double the treats.

 Happy 6th Anniversary!  A weekend in Williamsburg for shopping, r & r, Busch Gardens, and good food was exactly what we needed.  How nice to remember that, "Oh yea, we really do like each other!"

 The boys now run through the names of everyone in our family and can tell you they love them and that everyone loves them back.

Oh fall festivals, you're crazy, but you give us moments like this.  He still talks about it.

Just your average day of play:)  So lucky.

And this is their newest hobby...helping me cook in the kitchen!  It's been fabulous soup weather, so we've been cooking it often.  Emeril's Curried Butternut Squash Soup (tip: the cream isn't necessary) and Alton's Lentil Soup (tip: double the carrots and celery; add a peeled, cubed sweet potato; canned tomatoes are fine; double the spices; and use 1 t. of ginger instead of the grains of paradise) are my current favorites.

What's not to love?


  1. Hi Krissy, I enjoyed this post! We have a mutual friend from Virginia Tech (Sally) -- you may even remember me -- but allow me to reintroduce myself via a comment. I am a Mommy and a just-for-fun blogger, too. Send me an email if you'd like to connect further: In the meantime, keep writing! Your blog is great!

  2. Krissy, I have recently taken to mental snapshots as well. For most of my kids' lives, I've had a digital camera between my face and their faces. It feels like a disconnect to me. Like I'm capturing the memory for later instead of enjoying it while it's happening. Here's to enjoying the moments as they come. Happy Thanksgiving!


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