Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Three Ring Circus

Nothing profound to say these days, and if I do want to share something and write it down it kind of sounds negative.  Not intentionally, just honest.  Funny, actually, when you get to the root of it all, so long as you can appreciate a little sarcasm and cynicism.  But instead of focusing entirely on the negative, I thought I'd share some things that have gone in our favor lately...

Afternoon playtime with the neighbors:)

Sidewalk chalk!

Fun with a stamp pad and rollers, among many other craft projects on the display around here these days!

Letters practice with an old egg carton and beads!

Baking cookies (twice in one week, actually)!  We've come a long way since last year:)  The boys are really into helping me cook anything these days...I kind of love it. 
But before you assume all of these age appropriate, hunky-dory activities went off without a hitch and that life around here is all roses and ice cream like I always do when I read other people's blogs, let me let you in on a little secret.  These moments lasted 5 seconds-5 minutes.  And what happened before, sometimes during, and after are the shit show circus I refer to as parent-hood.  You know, those moments when you stop and say, "How did I get here?"  And those other moments that you observe in someone else's life that let you feel normal.   Let me illustrate....

It's the mom at the children's museum who hasn't showered and rolls out in public with bed head.

It's another mom at the children's museum who unknowingly let their baby dribble their entire bottle's contents on his cute smocked outfit because she's busy helping her other child glue tissue paper on his art project.

And another mom at the same place who catches her infant's spit up in her hand and on her shoe before it hits her other child who is playing nicely at the train table.

It's showing up to the library for story hour on a rainy day only to find out there is no story hour scheduled for this week.

It's the mom friend who texts you from the doctor's office after she's been waiting over 2 hours for her son's well check up.

It's taking a timeout before 9am and finishing breakfast on the deck while your child screams from his high chair inside because he no longer wants to eat the waffles and plums he requested I make for breakfast.

It's feeling like a crazy lady after nicely asking my sons to stop. kicking. the. back.of. my seat. 3+ times and finally resort to yelling, to which I actually get a response.  

It's finding comfort at the gym when you look around the class and see other girls just like me who haven't showered in two days, don't wear make up to hide facial blemishes, and can't place me in public when I actually have regular clothes on.  But at least we acknowledge each other with an empathetic, familiar grin as we pass each other with our respective strollers, walking through the neighborhood looking very zombie-like or when we're taming a wild beast child in our arms, because for the 7,093rd time it's time to go home from the playground. 

It's asking for one of your toddlers to bring you the box of wipes because you're out of toilet paper.  True story.

Get the picture?

But to balance everything out, I'm super thankful that instead of our recent days taking a turn for the worst by noon, they each gradually improved by the hour.  So there was indeed some solo time when we drove to NC to pick up this....for real, we did it.
And while we were gone, the boys enjoyed precious time with their Oma and Opa.
And there was joy, despite the screams getting into the stroller, during our morning walk and treat the other day.  P.S. Spending 30 minutes in a Krispy Kreme will result in your clothes retaining that 'fried dough' smell the rest of the day.  And you'll be guilty as charged when you head to the gym to burn off those guilty calories because you'll sweat out that 'fried dough' smell too.  Just FYI.

Along with an early birthday dinner tonight for my father-in-law, I'm very much looking forward to mine and Joe's get-away for our 6th anniversary this weekend!  Today's visit to watch the digger down the street and a good time at the playground quickly overshadowed the fact that I had to be pulled from my class at the gym because the boys, for whatever reason, couldn't hold it together.  And even though I just spent all of nap time uploading photos and catching up online and now my child is awake all too early (naps are sparse these days - ugh) before I've gotten anything done (including a shower), I better go.  Time for act 17 of this circus show:)

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  1. I hear you Krissy. You are not alone. We can only laugh!!


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