Monday, October 8, 2012

Murphy's Laws of Motherhood with a Muffin on the Side (?!?!)

As a mom I always TRY to stay 1, 2, even 3 steps ahead so our days go smoothly.  TRY being the operative word.  But lately I find myself throwing my hands in the air as I say, "Go figure," and have learned to just roll with it.  It can now be assumed that the best plans/intentions will flop.  And when they don't it's a sweet mommy hood victory.

1) It can be expected that your child will have a blowout when you're late and rushing out the door.  Obviously.

2) It can be expected that you'll be short just one ingredient for the dinner you're trying to prepare during nap time. (Silver lining: a neighbor down the street saved the day and had the missing ingredient in her cabinet!)

3) It can be expected that it will rain on the day you've schedule an outdoor photo session.  Or the few clothes in the dirty hamper will include the shirts you'd intended your children to wear for pictures. (Silver lining: A new friend offers to photograph the boys since she needs some material to promote her new photography website and the session goes beautifully!)

4) It can be expected that the one time you schedule a play date with a neighbor to fill the afternoon until the dads get home that the dads will get home a little early.

5) It can be expected that the cup of coffee you make at 7:45am won't actually be consumed until 9:45 that morning.  This is a daily occurrence.

6) It can be expected that after calling for DADDY all day long while he's at work, your kids will finally cry out for YOU at 9:00 pm when you're in a complete vegetative state on the couch.

7) It can be expected that while changing one child's [dirty] diaper and discovering a nasty diaper rash that the other child will fall and get his foot stuck in a [damn] toy, causing him to wail and cry for you, thus leaving a half-naked, red-bottomed boy lying on the floor in the other room.  (Silver lining: At lease he didn't pee all over the floor!)

8) It can be expected that if you make the effort to dry your hair and put on real clothes (i.e. something other than black workout pants, t-shirt, and sneakers) it will be raining when you leave the house.

And while we're at it, I saw this the other day.  It comes from Beth Brubaker at

Spot on.  The everyday life of a mom is a circle story.  A few months back I'd constructed something similar in my head about a crazy day we'd had, but by that evening I was too tired to jot it down.  No need, this blogger did a fine job!

We're still hangin' in.  My 2 1/2 year old monsters darlings continue to give me a run for my money, but even a dreary Monday has me determined to get us back on track after an ugly weekend of tension, tears, and seeing every hour on the clock last night between 1am and 6am.  Granted, it was my own fault that I climbed in bed at 1:30am.  Tsk, tsk the perfectionist in me always wins when it comes to making those damn digital photo books.  Anyway, my sister in law and sweet niece visited this weekend and while I wish our time together had been more quality, Allie did give me a sweet reminder this morning that I do indeed miss those itty bitty days, which probably means I'll miss these 2 1/2 year old days too.  Maybe:)

Fun with Photo Booth....a whole new meaning to seeing 'double double.'  Eeek! :)

So I'm off while it's still quiet around here for a few more minutes.  It's time to do the seasonal clothes switch around here....Welcome, Fall:)

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