Monday, August 6, 2012


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Tonight we're celebrating.  The grandparents are here and the good food is ready. 
And Joe is the life of the party.

In Joe's "pre-Krissy' life he was part of the chaotic rat race just outside Washinton, D.C. working as a broker for Smith Barney.  He was putting his undergraduate degree from American University to good use.  But the cold calls were tedious, the days were long, pressure was intense, and despite having an awesome mentor, he gradually moved into the IT field with self-taught expertise and coding skills.  Then came five years in Milwaukee, WI where he owned a house, bought a boat, lived with the ex-girlfriend, and refined his IT skills.  By 2003 he was single again and living here in town.  He had a solid job working for a global assistance insurance company, another new house, and life was stable.  In 2008 after lots of nagging urging from his mom and me, he started working on his MBA.  It was time to up the ante, make himself more marketable, and have more specific training in his field.  To move up, you have to keep up.  By 2010 he had his degree in hand, some kids at home, and wife that was no longer working.  However, his job stayed the same; his boss moved on; pay was stagnant; frustration levels grew; work load increased; turnover at the office was frequent; and opportunity for professional growth looked grim.  But Joe's a thinker (ok, maybe just plain complacent sometimes) and stuck it out a while.  At the start of 2012, though, he was motivated.  Motivated to move on and look hard.  There was a lot of contact with recruiters, dead end interviews, and networking happy hours.  And just when he thought another door had closed, the call came.  He was wanted at an IT consultant firm to start on a project within three weeks!!!  Next week that three weeks is over and today Joe started orientation.  At his new company.  For his new job.  Which is the first professional change he's made in 9 years.  Way to go, babe! 

Today is your day.  
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away! 
-Dr. Seuss 

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  1. Congratulations JOE! Today is a good day to start orientation. I did exactly one year ago today myself. It was lucky for me and will be for YOU.


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