Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here Comes the Bride

Fourteen years ago last month I received a letter in the mail from Virginia Tech providing me the name and contact information of my random roommate assignment.  'Maliha Yasameen Nowrouz,' the letter read.  Huh?  All of my friends' names were Kelly, Lyndsay, Danielle, Lori, etc.  Who was this chick from northern Va?  I looked up her address on AOL (Was Google as popular yet?  I don't remember.).  I called her that week.  I found out she goes by Molly, likes soccer, and was easy to talk to.  We talked accessories.  And carpet sizes to accommodate our 8x10 dorm room.  I had a Winnie the Pooh lamp I could bring.  Really?  I was 18.  I bet she thought I was awesome.  One of us had a fridge.  The other person had a hot plate  We were all set.

My parents and I moved in the first day the dorms were open and I was all set up, loft assembled, computer up and running by the time Molly arrived with her family on Saturday.  I was wearing a blue tie-dyed Brew Threw t-shirt and cut off shorts.  My hair was in a sloppy ponytail on top of my head and my 'cool' VT lanyard was around my neck, screaming 'freshman!'  I don't remember what Molly was wearing, but I could tell it had been a long ride for her family of five and they just wanted to get her crap moved in and be on their way.  We stayed out of their way and let them get things organized.  When all was said and done, her loft was wobbly and the computer guy (seniors who volunteered to help new freshman...hhhmmm?) visited us a few times before her PC was working properly.  But as I got to know Molly, I learned that this was her normal.  Hectic, chaotic, and stressful, but it all always gets done.  A glass of wine, a deep breath, and a small smile when it's all over sends the stress out the window and we're all better for the experience.

We survived freshman year  and learned a lot about each other.  I borrowed her sweater one weekend and accidentally shrunk it to infant size in the wash.  She got me hooked on General Hospital.  I puked in her trashcan and she didn't get mad at me when I didn't clean it out very well.  She even made me the best mac and cheese ever when my hangover slowly carried into day #2.  We watched the Columbine shootings unfold on the news.  We ate cookie dough in the 6th floor lounge almost every Sunday morning.  We helped wax each others eyebrows and curl each others hair along with our corner neighbor.  We got to know each others friends, boyfriends, and siblings when they visited.  We loved to people watch in the dining hall and never ran out of things to talk about.  And then we started apartment hunting for the following year.  That random roommate assignment turned into a sweet friendship and we lived together majority of our college years.

Fast forward to 2006 and Molly was a bridesmaid in my wedding.  She provided comic relief, quick thinking, and a calm head as my mom and I ran around like crazy ladies.

We've always lived in different cities and worked in different fields, but caught up whenever time allowed, usually as she was passing through town or I was in her neck of the woods visiting other family, and never missed a beat picking up where we'd last left off.  Molly's sister was right when she explained in her maid of honor toast that Molly has a way of listening carefully and always making you feel that what you have to say is important.  Then one time she visited with her boyfriend and we went out for dinner and drinks.  He was a cutie and Molly glowed.  They met at work, but when she started medical school he soon followed her to avoid a long distance relationship.  Before long I got THE phone call.  A wedding was in the works!  And last weekend the celebration was fantastic.

I'm a sucker for weddings and it's quite appropriate that Molly and I used to regularly watch A Wedding Story on TLC in college.  But when it's a dear friend that's the bride, the wedding is even more special, more fun.  Her family is huge and they throw a great party.  Her dad's side is Afghan, so the menu followed suit and was delicious delicious delicious.  Her best friend, mom, and aunt made and decorated the wedding cake and her mother in law and sister in law grew the wild flowers that topped it.  They also created all of the centerpieces and bridal party bouquets.  Cousins gathered to do the girls' hair and makeup and Molly's brother officiated the ceremony.  It was a true family affair and a few cultural traditions made it quite personal.  The weather was sunny and breezy, so the outdoor ceremony was a smooth success.  Molly's mom admitted that quite a few things didn't get done in the week leading up to the big day, but none of us noticed and I think everyone breathed easy when all was said and done.
The bride was beautiful, the groom handsome, the atmosphere sweet.  Congratulations to the Mr. and Mrs!!!

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  1. Ahhh your description of the dorm life made me nostalgic! Molly looks GORGEOUS and I am so glad you were able to celebrate her.


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