Monday, July 9, 2012

These days...

Things are pretty low key around here these days, but still bustling nonetheless...

These days it still blows my mind that I can barely make it out the door by 9:15am.  And when I do load up the car it's inevitable that a neighbor asks, "Are you heading out of town?"  "No," I reply.  "We'll be back by lunch."  I guess getting three of us into the car with the diaper bag, pool bag, and snack bag looks like we're taking a trip.  I remember the days when I was out the door in a matter of minutes by 5:30am with my gym bag, school bag, and lunch bag.  If I'd only known at the time how easy that was.

These days Garrett whines a lot.  It's maddening.  But thank goodness for the cute moments when the boys play footsie in their car seats.  Maybe they sense I'm about to lose it or they don't want me to crank up the radio one more time to mask the whines.

These days I'm not logging as many miles, but still running no doubt.  My running girlfriends deserve a post of their own...coming soon.  What a concept to run less, strengthen more (even if I do have a love/hate relationship with the kick-my-butt conditioning class I've discovered), still fit into my pants, and feel pain free!  Where was this wisdom the past nine years?!?!

These days the boys are really into doing things "all by myself," such as climbing into their high chairs and getting into their car seats.  Score.

These days it's been HOT.  Africa hot, as my dad says.  Triple digit hot.  So hot that even the pool isn't that cool.

These days the boys are obsessed with space shuttles and robots.  They can tell you all about thrusters, engines, satellites, astronauts, rocket boosters, and fuel tanks.  Look out, NASA.  Big letters and little letters are also a hot topic around here, so we sing the ABCs A LOT.

These days finding indoor things to do is essential.  When we went to the library today to check out more books on their new favorite topics, story time turned into a $&*% show, as the train table was too crowded and the helicopter moms stopped hovering over their own children and instead hovered at the story room door. We decided to pass on story time and instead played nicely once all was cleared out and quiet again.  Smooth move.  And just as I was thinking my kids were being so good (don't ever let yourself think that...%&*$ will certainly hit the fan), my cute toddlers unleashed their 'two-ness' as we left.  Angry mommy, screaming kids, books left on the sidewalk to be picked up later.  Enough said.  And thank goodness for the playground and break in heat (but not humidity) until lunchtime.

These days I'm longing for a road trip.  Even though we had a grand vacation in May, there's something to be said for hittin' the road in the dead of summer to get away from it all.  I'm plotting...

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  1. Road trips to Texas aren't short...but they are filled with lots of fun stuff.

    Let me know if you ever venture out this way, or if you go further and need a stopping place :)


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