Monday, July 2, 2012

Make new friends, but keep the old. Some are silver and the other gold.

This morning I had a case of the grumps.  No particular reason except that I had a hard time keeping the kids happy, getting Joe's lunch ready, eating my own breakfast, and making coffee all at the same time.  We had nothing on the agenda, and while it feels nice not to have to be anywhere by any particular time, it also leaves me feeling anxious because after a couple hours indoors the boys pretty much lose it.  Or maybe I lose it.  Either way. 

But by 9:23am we were on our way to Target for an iced coffee, Capri Sun Sport Waters, and a second snack container (we left one at Nana and Pops' last night).  Really it wasn't a necessary trip but Mama wanted her coffee and this heat wave doesn't warrant a hot drink after 6:30am in my opinion.  Tomorrow after my early morning run it will be hot coffee, but today it was over ice.  And after Target we were off to the playground for some shaded playtime and walk in the woods. 

And presto!  The Monday grumps were taken care of thanks to that caffeine burst and a little exploration in the creek.  Who knew.

There was no reason for me to be grumpy...our weekend was busy but good, and the highlight (other than the vodka tonic, late afternoon pool visit, and take out pizza all with Oma and Opa on Saturday evening) was a visit to our dear friends and their little girl across town.  Rachelle and I played volleyball and ran track together in high school and she was a killer athlete, I might add.  We weren't particularly close, but teammates nonetheless and we grew up in the same neighborhood knowing a lot of the same people. Fast forward 12 years later when we got reacquainted while both of us were on bed rest at the same time just two doors down from one another.  People often ask me how I survived six weeks of hospitalized bed rest - Rachelle was a big contributor to my sanity.  These days we don't hang out or even chat regularly, but when we do get together none of us miss a beat.  When you share something major/traumatic/life changing you're forever tied together.  And there's something to be said when you chat about cervical lengths, urine input/output charts, and bedpan procedures with a friend AND her husband.  Get over it...nothing is sacred when you 'live' in a hospital. 

Four days before I delivered.

Rachelle and I (and quite often our husbands too) spent hours sharing worries, hopes, fears, daily vital stats, hospital menu tips, lactation consults, nurse visits, snacks, stories of loss, and dreams of future play dates.  We laughed at Facebook posts of our friends who said they felt stir crazy because of all the snow that winter.  They didn't have a clue about stir craziness.  On Valentines Day (2010) our husbands brought in Outback take out.  We made 'count down' paper ring chains marking milestones in our pregnancies.  And we both enjoyed our baby showers in the event room of the hospital's lobby.  We actually were discharged on the same to go home while my two sweet boys remained in the NICU; Rachelle to go home for the remainder of her pregnancy.  By mid April each of us were under our own roofs with our new families and a month later we had our first play date.

While the visits aren't as frequent as we like, the chatter never stops.  And with three toddlers running around neither does the movement or the noise!  We are so so lucky.


  1. What a sweet sweet story!! :-)

  2. Aw! Rachelle! How fun! Yes, you guys were both great athletes. That sounds like a great friendship!


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