Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Baby Love




On the heels of talking about four generations in our family the other day, the newest member felt it necessary to jump in on the action and make her debut nine days early!  On Monday afternoon Lindsay called me after her doctor's appointment, and since she was 4cm dilated the doctor predicted she certainly wouldn't make it to her July 12 due date.  Fast forward a few hours and around midnight of that same day the excited and anxious parents to be were on their way to the hospital!  They checked in at 12:30 and their baby girl wasted no time, arriving at 1:08am on July 3.  She weighed 6lbs 0.4oz and measured 18.75in long.  She has her mama's nose and her daddy's hair.  

She's perfect and beautiful.  

And I'm in love.

There's no denying the all-consuming love a mom has for her child, but what I didn't know was how much an aunt can love her niece.  If my heart feels this full, I know Lindsay's and Brandon's must be exploding.  I wish we lived closer.  I want to be a fly on the wall when the new family of three goes home together.  I hope I get pictures and videos when she smiles, babbles, rolls over, discovers her hands, and everything in between.  So leave it to the newest, littlest relative to remind us of the importance of family.

I hadn't planned on traveling the three and half hours to Allie Grace (named at almost 24 hours old!) upon her arrival, but when I woke to her squished face picture over text message on Tuesday morning my mind was made up.  I rolled over and told asked Joe if he minded if I hit the road since he had July 4th off.  It was a no brainer, so I packed my bag, grabbed my camera, and enjoyed a solo, silent drive to North Carolina once Joe got home from work that day.  Mom and Dad and I hung out; ran errands and picked up take out for the new parents; caught up without interruption; snuggled Allie; posed for pictures; stared at the awkward breast pump; played baby dress up; admired newborn skin and sniffed newborn smell; got comfortable in uncomfortable hospital furniture; and looked on in awe at how doting my bull-headed, stubborn brother was over his new little girl (changing diapers and talking in cutesy lie).  

And do not forget the real rock star in this whole scenario: MAMA.  Anyone that gains next to zero pounds during pregnancy, pops out a baby in less than an hour (without pain medication), and still looks cute for family photos earns instant super hero status in my eyes.

In the time since my boys were so small I'd forgotten how sweet it is to snuggle a newborn and feel her breath on my skin.  

And amongst the madness of life with toddlers it's easy to forget how blessed I am.  Then I meet our family's newest addition and am quickly reminded that life is SO good.  And sweet.  And precious.  

Welcome to the world, baby girl!  You're infinitely loved.  


  1. Bravo Krissy and thanks for being a superb aunt and photographer. Allie Grace is a sweetie pie. I can actually just hear Brandon talking to her in a cutesy voice. I still remember when he called you kwissy bissy.

  2. What a cutie! Congrats on aunt status! Life is Good!


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