Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Little Men

May the good Lord be with you
Down every road you roam
And may sunshine and happiness
surround you when you're far from home
And may you grow to be proud
Dignified and true
And do unto others
As you'd have done to you
Be courageous and be brave
And in my heart you'll always stay
Forever Young, Forever Young
-Rod Stewart and a little from Bob Dylan

Dear Garrett and Gavin,
SLOW DOWN!  I give you permission to do a lot of things, while I also say 'no' a lot during the day too, but one thing you must work on is slowing down.  When did you become such little men lately?  

You're eating cereal and milk with a spoon by yourself.  

You can scoop up peas without any help.  

You can reason with us and bribery with fruit has resulted in good meals and time out and counting to 3 help prevent you from doing something naughty.  

You're so funny.

You tease and make funny faces, especially in the rear view mirror.  Garrett, you squint your eyes like you're fake sleeping or really mad; Gavin, you open your mouth real wide and stick out your tongue.  I know, I know eyes on the road, mama!

You love to walk like a bear and stand like a flamingo.

You can both count two items at a time with correct one to one correspondence.  

Gavin, you recognized 22 out of 26 letters of the alphabet!  The teacher in me is so excited; the mom in me beams.  However, you both protest when I sing the ABC song.

You put bubbles on each others head in the bathtub and rinse each other off. 

You're finally phrasing and saying so many new words.  To name just a few...
'Daddy work'
'Black truck 
'Wild Side' (yes, as in Motley Crew)
'Brother, no!'
'Brother, look!'
'Brother, night night!'
'Up high chair'
'Outside front; outside back'
'Walk. Vannah house.'
'Rocket ship'
'Jack hammer' 
'Monster truck'
'Big digger'
'Up down'
'Long short' (featured below)
'Wide narrow'
'In out'
'Brown dog'

You like to be cradled like a baby and request "Rock a Bye Baby" be sung to you.

You successfully slept in big boy beds with safety rails on vacation.

You love to have dishtowels tied around your neck like a cape or around your head like a hood.

At the beach you rinsed off your hands, filled buckets of water, and carried them on your own.

You can say iPad.  Locate my iPad.  Flip open my iPad.  Demand truck videos, laughing and dancing baby videos, and rocket ship videos on my iPad.

You raid my oven mitt drawer to use them in your own kitchen.

Your chores list is growing and you often help me vacuum and dust.

You love to swing a golf club or a bat.  Sometimes the sport's maneuver is recognizable.  Sometimes it looks like you're playing hockey, which you love to watch on TV.

You request to play with Parker by name.

You jump on everything.  You jump off of everything.

You can make praying hands.

You recognize the places we play as soon as we're close simply by the nearby buildings.

Gavin, you remember that an ant bit you and a caterpillar climbed up your arm every time you see either type of creature. 

Garrett, you remember when a giant bumble bee hit you in the forehead every time you see a bee buzz by.

You learned to blow dandelion puffs this spring.

You don't follow one direction in gymnastics class, but perform your tricks beautifully at home.

You discovered your shorts pockets the other day and filled them with sticks, rocks, and gumballs treasures. 

You zoom like airplanes in the yard and play chase and tackle around the tree.

You love to look at Mommy and Daddy's honeymoon photo album.

You request specifics....a certain high chair in which to sit; what shirt to wear; what shoes to wear; what side of the stroller to sit in; which direction we go on a walk; exactly what flavor breakfast bar you want in the morning; and where you want us to sit when we read books in your room.

Mommy can't spin you in the deck chair, only Brother will do.

You can reach the closet light and turn it off and on.

While still risky, you can indeed drink out of a cup without a lid.

You can put away quite a bit of ice cream.

You squeal in the library, run down the book aisles, and hop off the computer chair so fast that you take with you to the floor the mouse, headphones, and stacks of flyers about upcoming events.

You give each other hugs and hold hands taking walks.

You say Mommy instead of Mama.  And even though you frustrate me at times, you also make my heart burst, and I'm so glad you've given me that title:  Mommy.


  1. 50,000 likes on this post!!!! And that's just from me.

  2. Milk the chore thing for everything you can, because somewhere around 6 the novelty wears off, and at 16 we tend to use the ole "love to help mum, but I have a ton of homework in AP History."

    Oh, and sometimes slugs find their way into our pockets as well. Lizard tails!... once we discover that lizards can discard their tails we start to collect them. Maybe that was just Brandon and me. Anyway, good luck.


  3. Forgot...
    we might hate chores, and the love of bugs dwindles, but we always adore our mums.


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