Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Lazy Days of Summer

Even though I'm a stay at home mom we're actually rarely at home.  I'm certain I've created my own monsters, but we keep our days full by staying on the go, playing new places, and catching up with our favorite buddies.  But on the days I don't have the stamina, motivation, or desire to sweat through my shirt just loading the boys into the car or the boys ASK to play at home, we lay low, take walks to collect big rocks, spy airplanes, splash in the pool, watch our favorite You Tube clips (excavators, monster trucks, space shuttle launches, dancing babies, and kittens playing) play catch and tag, and come up with clever inside activities to keep us happy.  

Bounce House Party!

 Half naked and shooting his "squirt gun."

In serious need of some new, more stylish (more masculine?) shades.

The ball pit returns!

Diaper duty?

Engineers at work.

Painter's tape makes a great "road" or "race track." 
(Thank you Sarah for the inspiration!)

Helping Mommy make her afternoon cup of coffee.

Magnetic story board!  No, I'm not this creative.  I got the idea here.

Playing with the Hokie fight song bottle opener while Mommy and Daddy 
enjoy a little 'happy hour.'

Babysitter time with Hannah...popsicles can always win a kid over, eh?!?!

Such big boys chowing down at Nana's birthday breakfast. 

Oh these "lazy" days of summer, I cherish you.

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