Friday, May 25, 2012


We're headed to the beach for a week (I should actually be packing instead of writing), which means upon our return summer will have officially started in my book.  So long, spring...your longer, brighter days have allowed us to stay busy!  But before we jump into moments filled with drippy popsicles and splashing in the pool, I thought we needed to recap some springish things we've been up to.  

Mud puddles!

'Down on the Farm' at Maymont (read story, pet animals, complete craft, play)...don't let these sweet pictures fool you...most of the time the boys preferred the toys over anything else; they did not gather on the carpet for story time with everyone else; they were scared to touch the rooster and turtle on weeks 2 and 3; and the time at the craft table lasted about as long as it took me to take the picture.  Just so you know.  And let's not count the number of face plants and 'run and chase' rounds through the petting zoo.

Strawberry picking at Gallmeyer Farms!  Minus the argument that ensued on the playground equipment, this was actually an enjoyable outing:)

  A trip to the zoo with our friends!  Truly a 100% successful day. 

Playtime with our best buddy!  It's the mom in me, but I can't get enough of these 3.  I wish I could adequately capture the delight in their voices and googly eyes they all have for one another.

Little Lady Lovebug's Baby Shower!  Baby Moss will make her debut sometime mid July and last weekend we celebrated her pending arrival.  Have you ever seen a cuter mama to be?!?!  Of course she makes that NON maternity dress look good at 8 months pregnant.  Our time together was simple and complete with good food, a book basket, diaper donations in place of favors, funny games, mementos and baby pictures from Lindsay's infant days, close friends, family members, perfect weather, and of course lots of goods for the baby.  To say this crowd is excited is an understatement...come on baby girl!

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