Thursday, May 17, 2012


What's normal?  The dictionary says it's conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural.  I say it's relative.  A girl I know from college, Andrea, recently posted an "Is It Normal" list and I couldn't help but start thinking of a few questions of my own.  I echo her same sentiments and then some...

Is it normal to genuinely hate those parents who say their kids have been sleeping through the night by 8 weeks old and wonder if I'll ever sleep through the night again?  Mind you, my kids are approaching 2 1/2.  I can appreciate some late night snuggles, but not being able to fix the problem is a frustrating jab in my side.

Is it normal to be sitting outside on a drizzly Sunday morning by 7:00am watching your kids play in the yard hoping they don't wake up and tick off too many neighbors?  Their alarm clocks went off too early for my taste and only by covering my coffee from the rain drops was I able to enjoy it.

Is it normal to wish for a day to yourself and then when your husband offers to take the kids for a few hours you have no idea what to do because your kids are what you do all day, everyday?

Is it normal to foresee future parent/teacher conferences where the teacher is explaining the discipline chart she'll be using with your sons because all you can hear doctors and gymnastics teachers saying these days is, "Wow, they are spirited little men! Yep, they're all boy!  You have very active sons." 

Is it normal that my kids find it necessary to taste test the dust bunnies under our couch?  How about play dough?

Is it normal to wonder if anyone will miss me if I run away?  I know, martyr me. 

Is it normal to stir my coffee with a plastic knife from my kids' play kitchen?

Is it normal that I wish I could drop my kids off at the gym child care and not workout?

Is it normal for an almost 32 year old to be reminded by her father that, like I used to tell my students, some thoughts should just stay in my head?  This coming from the very man that gave me the infamous 'honesty speech' at age 16.  Alas, I've decided that in the future keeping my mouth shut sometimes will taste better than repeatedly putting my foot in it.

Is it normal to be able to recite the PBS television schedule, but not even know the candidates for the next election?

Is it normal to consider a large piece of coconut cake as good as a therapy session?

Is it normal to have a play date that lasts two hours, start 28 conversations with another mommy friend, finish just one in person, and wrap up the rest over text messages during nap time?

Is it normal to want what we don't have and then want it back again when we have what we thought we wanted?  Clear as mud, right?!?!

What's YOUR normal?

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  1. Okay, interesting. I COULD HAVE SWORN...I wrote this regarding you!! It was one of those blog posts that I started awhile ago and didn't post until more recently.

    So when you made the comment on my blog, I was thinking it was kind-of weird. I went back through your blog and couldn't find where I made the connection!??!

    lol. soooo needless to say, I THOUGHT that I wrote it after reading your words, or maybe you wrote something that inspired those words and my "mommy mind" couldn't remember which post inspired me. Oh well, doesn't really matter.

    Love your words - directly connected with a lot of them, especially the husband taking the kids. The dust bunnies part -- hasn't happened yet, but I blame that on the carpet ;)


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