Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Quite often I vent, complain, tell it like it is.  But after all this is my outlet and there is no use in sugar coating things if the point in blogging is to share my ideas, thoughts, opinions, experiences, and whatever else with the internet world.  For me, writing is therapeutic.  It's like having a conversation, but being able to get every single word right instead of re-hashing the conversation and thinking, "I should've said this, this, and this."  But today instead of venting I thought I'd share a glimpse of what a GOOD day looks like...this coming on the heels of being sick with strep throat, an insanely busy week last week, and a sleeping funk that the boys have finally seemed to overcome (certainly I just jinxed it, though).  Nothing fancy or over the top, just simple and good.  I want to record it now so I have something to come back to next time we hit a rough patch.

Joe was out the door early for work today.  The boys woke up at 7:30 (7:30!!!) and beforehand I was able to shower.  I also felt body-ache free after praying to the antibiotic gods for the past 24 hours that the Amoxicillin would kick in anytime.  As a result of feeling like I'd been breathing fire and a truck had run me over, Joe took over most of the household duties, so I came downstairs to a clean kitchen.  This might seem small, but a clean kitchen helps me start the day off on the right foot.  There's something annoying about having to clean last night's dinner dishes before I can even start breakfast.  So thanks, Joe:)

At breakfast the boys and I shared some eggs and cereal.  The boys ate cereal with milk all on their own, a first.  And such a cute feat.  When did they become so grown up?  Not to mention they ate everything.  This 'cleaning their plate' accomplishment is becoming more and more common.  Ok, maybe the strawberry and watermelon bribes are working.  You do what works.  But full bellies mean happier kids and they've slept better lately too.  Bingo!

As I cleaned up (from the past two days) I could hear one of the boys saying, "Help, help" from the playroom.  There was no sense of urgency or frustration, but I stopped what I was doing anyway to indeed go help because a polite "help" is much better than an angry scream and we've been working on this.  I stopped in the playroom doorway to find the boys helping each other up.  One would sit down, reach his arms up, and his brother would help pull him up.  Switch roles and repeat.  Seriously precious.  Then they'd walk hand in hand to another room.  Whose house is this?  Usually by 9:00am the walls are closing in, I've split up 3 wrestling matches over blocks or dump trucks, and had to referee turn taking on who gets to sit in the 'meow' chair (a chair with lions and tigers on it).  Today the TV hadn't been on for one second, they were playing nicely TOGETHER, and before heading out the door to gymnastics they snuggled with me on the couch as we watched "Big Truck" clips on You Tube, per request.  How could I not oblige?

At gymnastics each week I expect to sweat for 45 minutes straight because between keeping up with the boys, demonstrating how to do things, and trying not to feel like a total failure mom as my kids are the only ones NOT sitting on the red mat following along with the teacher it's a workout unlike any other.  Today during warm up while the rest of us were running and bear walking in a circle, my kiddos were jumping from mat to mat and rolling around.  But then when it was time to do introductions, here comes Garrett bee lining across the gym to give his teacher a high five and then a hug to me.  And then Gavin followed suit.  Hope, there's hope!

Lunchtime was another clean-plate victory, books were requested ahead of schedule, so upstairs we went for nap time.  If they don't wake up during this loud thunderstorm it will be super sweet icing on the cake (as was the $11.50 I just found in the washing machine).

AND there's more good things to come...girls' dinner tomorrow night, wine club Thursday; my friend delivering her second baby on Friday, and beach vacation that starts Saturday!

When the good days are good they are SO GOOD.


  1. This made me smile. :) So glad to hear you're having a well-deserved great day with many fun times ahead. Enjoy! xo

  2. love the good days! thanks for posting:)


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